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Help me pick a cat bed

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I want to get Ruby a heated pet bed (the boys will be so jealous!) but I'm not sure which I like best. She's a calico so I was thinking the pink might clash with her orange parts
And I like how the last one looks cuddly, I think the other style has enough of a lip that she could probably cuddle up against the side once the bottom was mushed down a bit...I cant decide!
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It depends on if she likes high sides. If you think that may bother her, go with the pink. Avoid the dark blue - though it is a lovely shade of blue it will show cat hair.

I like the mocha best because: a) earth tones are easy to match up in rooms and b) will look better with cat hair (show it less).
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Her bed now has round sides (which she likes to stretch out against) that are high but not as high and stiff as the mocha.
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is this for outside?
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Nope, it's inside, it's just that my house gets pretty cool and the boys pair up in their beds but she doesnt like them enough to do that. I ordered the mocha, cant wait to get it!
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I just voted for the blue before I read the rest of the thread
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I went with the mocha just from a comfort stand point. I know that my cats love the beds with sides. I think cats like them because they feel safe, surrounded by the sides, but can easily escape out the top. (I believe this is why shelter kitties like to lay in their litter boxes.)
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Hopefully she will use it. I like the deeper one - best chance of her using it (or one of the others using it).

I have about 3 beds at home now (different shapes/sizes) and NONE of the cats use any of them! They prefer to sleep on the couch, our bed or the carpeted stair steps!
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The third one, definitely.
Seemed warmer, also as Rang_27 posted, your kitty would feel safer with the sides.
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