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Abandoned Kittens

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not sure if this is the right spot to post, i went out this afternoon to put a bag into the garbage bag when i opened the door four young kittens shot out of the bag, they cant be any more than a few weeks old soaking wet and starving...

I put a bowl of cat food and water outside for them , theyre not tame is there anything else we can do for them ???
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ok I think their mother appeared at the site/smell of free food but when she heard a noise in the house she went one direction and left kittens to go other direction she looks just as skinny as the kittens
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Put kitten food out for the mom and the kittens. It will help fatten mom up and give her the nutrients she needs to continue nursing the kittens. If you'd like you can try to catch her or build them an enclosure if you want to adopt them and keep them safe.
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Yes, yes... kitten food for all of them. The little ones probably need wet food. See if any local rescues will help you trap them... momma definitely needs to be fixed. As do the babies when they are old enough and could easily tame up if they are as young as you say.
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