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Brown gunk on the eyeball?

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A couple of weeks ago, I took Tiki to the vet because her eyes were so red and gunky. She's always had watery eyes (due to her breed, Himmie) and had a brownish discharge around her eyes. I've noticed in the past that the gunk sometimes gets stuck in or on her eyeball.

Tonight, I was playing with her and noticed a funny brown spot one on of her eyes (it was the one that was more red when she had the infection). It's hard to describe what it looks like. If you don't look directly in her eyes, but from the side it looks like a brown spot in her eye. But, when I look at it directly it looks a thin mucous like film on her eye. I tried cleaning her eyes with a warm wet cloth, but it is still there. It's almost like it is stuck on there.???

Could it still be the infection? What about cataracts? Aren't those usually a white overcast filmy spot? An ulcer?

I'm not really sure what this is. I've never seen it like this before. I did put a bit of the Mycitracin ointment that the Vet gave me on her lid and it kind of worked it's way inside the eye. I plan on calling the vet tomorrow, but just wanted to get a heads up from all of you.
She seems to be acting fine, nothing out of the ordinary. She did seem more ticked off that usual when I was cleaning her eyes tonight. She's never liked that to begin with, but tonight she fought me hard about it!
Any suggestions or ideas would be great! Thanks in advance!
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It could be an ulcer on the eye and the vet will have to stain the eye and look at it under a special light. It may be small enough to just put ointment on the spot.
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This is just my opinion, I think there could be some pain and inflammation in Tiki's eye. You should definitely get your vet's opinion about this.
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Vote vet appointment from my corner. Specks in the eyes can mean trouble, or they can be nothing at all. Better safe than sorry.
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