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should i hold back on getting another cat

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I recently lost my 17 year old cat and want another one. But i am going through some emotional times right now and am not sure what i want to do with my life. I have a cat already who was overweight for a while but is slowly losing weight I think if i got a kitten she would just get fat again eating the kittens food. ANyways what do u guys think? I hate it cause i went to the humane society and found the perfect kitten.
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IMHO no one but you can answer this... when I lost Kandie it took me a yr to get another cat ... When I lost my dog it took me days ( of course I made a mistake and had to give the new dog back)
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The 17 year old cat was dumped on me by someone else so he was not originally mine i only had him for a few years but for some reason i can't get over losing him he had to be put to sleep. He was kinda handicapped and walked really strange and i guess i had a strong bond with him, another feral cat i have been feeding vanished about a month ago as well. I try not to think about him because when i do its so painful.
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I'm sorry for your loss. Personally if you are having a difficult time I would recommend waiting to get another cat.
When I lost my dog Ginger last October it was very hard on me, she was my heart dog and it didn't help that I also lost my other dog Pooch about 3 months before that... I had been fostering a young adult dog already when Ginger passed away, it was a "foster-to-adopt" situation but I was just not able to make an emotional attachment to the foster dog. Between that and his issues with chasing my cats I ended up returning him after agonizing about young dogs after that but again I just didn't connect with any of them. I ended up adopting an older dog (5 years) at the end of December, but I think I really was not ready still because I also had trouble bonding with her at first although it did improve over time.
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When we lost one of our cats, Andy (heart disease at 1.5 years old), DH picked out another kitten, Gus, 2 days later. I don't think I was ready for another kitten but he obviously needed it. Gus is his baby. They have been inseparable from the get-go. I love Gus, but still, 1.5 years later I don't have quite that strong of a connection with him that I did with Andy.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that nobody can tell you when you're ready to bring a new kitty home. Some people need lots of time before they can love another pet, while others need the new pet to help them move on. You'll know what is right in your heart. Maybe the kitten you saw is perfect for you, but if not I'm sure you'll find one who is when you're ready.
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When I lost my darling Fred, I think I would have taken in another immediately if I found the perfect one then. That is just me. Only you can know if it is the right time for you, but if you feel this kitten is perfect for you, it may be just what you need. I hope it works out for you, whatever you decide.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I think you're the only person who can know when you're ready. I don't know how old your overweight kitty is, but if she's a senior, she may not be very happy about having all that kitten energy around.

Having said that... we fostered kittens and prevented our older kitties from eating the kitten food by purchasing a very large plastic storage container, turning it upside down, and cutting a small entrance hole. Put the kitten food in there. Just make sure the box is large enough that it can be pushed into a corner that the adult kitty can't reach by getting a paw/leg in there.
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