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Possibly moving home

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My roommate moved out on me last month, and while I can make it on my own, it just sucks! I hate being here alone all the time! And it is pushing it close every month now. But my dad has offered to let me move back home so that way I can get this car I want since mine is getting old and kinda rough. But I have a problem. The kitties. He said I could bring them but I am trying to figure out the best way to do it.
They have 4 cats, all girls that are inside outside cats. They live in a small quiet mostly senior citizen/family neighborhood. They also have 2 dogs, my childhood dog who is now 14 years old and a little rescue that is almost 2 and kind of crazy but is terrified of the cats! LOL! Joey and Kahlua have been around dogs most of their lives, Google has not though. They have a dog door in the pool bathroom which when they are gone they leave the laundry and the bath open for the pets to come in and get out of the weather and also have food. They also have a large screened in porch with lots of chairs and tables to lay on. Needless to say their kitties are always happy! But 2 of my kitties CANNOT go outside. Kahlua is very small and very nervous so I dont think she would do okay. Joey has no claws so thats a big no!

But I am trying to figure out how to make this work. There will be 7 cats in the household now but it is a very large rancher with lots of room for them. My thought right now is to keep Joey and Kahlua in my room with the pet door is accessible and when all the doors are closed let them have the run of the house. And introduce Google to the outdoors. I think he would love it, he is a big stalker and loves to chase things and run.

Do you think it is unfair of me to keep Joey and Kahlua in a room most of the time? Both are very lazy and happy to just have something to lay on. I would also make sure they have lots of room things to climb on and play with if they want. And also do you think Google would be okay becoming an outside cat? Finally do you think it will be hard to make him into an inside only cat when I move to Knoxville next year? The house my SO bought is on a busy road so there would be no outside kitties!

I wouldnt really be thinking about this, but I would be saving $400-500 a month and that would be enough to get me a brand new car that I love and be able to do what I want and afford to go out when I want again! And also I would have more money for the kitties if they needed vet visits or getting them on better foods and everything else!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you guys!
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I would not put Google out. Cats are notorious for returning to their former homes after moves. I had a cat when I was a kid who went 12 miles back to our former home. Took him 2 weeks. We were lucky we didn't loose him. It sometimes takes months to acclimate a cat to new surroundings. They are not like dogs. He needs to stay in or you will risk him leaving. With a slow and supervised introduction it may work out, but it will take a while. You would hate to loose your good friend.:nod
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it would have to be slow but I honestly dont really know what else to do for him. He will attack Kahlua randomly when they are in the same room so all 3 being confined to my room would not work out so well.
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