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I'm here, with Stoli and Luxor

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I know I've been absent for a while, but everything's ok - I've just been incredibly busy and the cats have been normal so I had no burning questions about them. I know some of you have had some losses and some new additions to your kitty families - know I've been thinking about you!

Here are the boys though:

Stoli and the Stroller:

Luxor talking to me:

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OMG!!! That stroller video was just tooo funny!!!!
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I LOVED the stroller video.

Your babies are too cute!
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Both your boys are so stunningly gorgeous.
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Thanks everyone - I see so many new faces around here!
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What handsome boys! Stoli sure loves that stroller!!! Luxor's meow is adorable!
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Both are hysterical, but the first one! I had to send the link to my friend, you took the words right out of his mouth!
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I LOVE the captions OMG they are soooooo cute!!
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thanks for the laugh.... the stroller video was great

Luxors meow while yawning was awfully cute too.

(what kind of cam do you use for your videos?)
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It's great to see you back! The captions are hilarious!
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How could you resist that handsome boy
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First- Stoli is drop-dead gorgeous!

Second - the captions are hilarious!

Third - Luxor has a cute lil meow!
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hey guys! I'm so glad you liked the captions! I am soul buddies with Stoli and I pretty much 'know' what he's the camera I have a Flip Mino HD and it's the best video camera I've bought!
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That video of Stoli was well worth the hour and a half it took me to load it up..(My dial up sucks big time) I loved it it even sent my puppy into fits of barking and hunting the lady and kitty he kept hearing!!
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Awww cute videos and comics
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how neat! thanks for sharing
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