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Question of the Day Sept 27th

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Morning All!!!

Little late getting here this morning, the kitties were being kind and actually let me sleep in.

So today's question is this:

How many times have you left the country you live in?

Me I have travel to several different countries, the U.S. of course, and I have been to Great Britain as well..
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I have no idea how many times I've been to Canada and Mexico. I traveled to Toronto on business every week for about a year early in my career. I've been to Mexico for vacations many times.

I've also been to Panama, Jamaica and France. I would love to travel more.
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Once to the Virgin Islands
Once to Bosnia-Herzegovina
Twice to South Korea
Once to Switzerland
Once to Lithuania

= 6 times out of country
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Too many times to count. I live in the southwest corner of my country, very close to the border with Belgium. Most countries in Europe are pretty small anyway so you have to cross borders more often than in the US.
I found Ernesto and Mimosa on a farm that is the first one across the Belgian border, so technically they aren't Dutch kitties but Belgians. Two years afterwards I realized they should have had full vaccinations (including rabies), European union pet passports and microchips when I took them across the border
Fortunately there has been almost no control at the border for years.

I've been to Belgium (too many times to count), France (less than Belgium but still no idea), the United Kingdom (about 10 times), Luxembourg (twice), and one time visits to Italy, Germany, Lithuania and Switzerland.
I've done little travelling in the last 9 years, especially since we got the cats we'd rather stay home.
But we've planned a (short ) honeymoon in Rome next year
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None. Haven't left the US at all.
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I'm not really a traveller, but I've been to Mexico once and the US umpteen times. I've always lived fairly close to the border, though, so crossing it just for a drive was never a big deal.
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Once for got to USA when I was child....( even can´t remember well the experience.....)
and at least 5 times to go to BELICE next at south to my country just for fun...
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Twice....both times were to go on a cruise to Mexico.
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Maybe 4 times...once to Ohio to go to Cedar Point, and then a few times for shopping in Michigan.

I have never been overseas.
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USA - Several times

Greek Islands - Several times




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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
None. Haven't left the US at all.
Don't feel so bad. I've only been to Canada maybe twice. And only one time that I remember.

You could say we are solidly rooted individuals.
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i wentto france for the day that was it imto scared to go on a plane although im not really im sure as ive never been on a plane haha
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
None. Haven't left the US at all.
Me neither!
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1 Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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DH and I like to go on vacations. We take advantage of the fact that we don't have kids at the moment and both work jobs were we can take time off. We usually go on a trip once a year or so. I've been to the States four times, to Maine, Hawaii and Florida. We've also been to Barbados, Germany and Cuba. We're going to Spain this winter (January 27th) and I'm super excited for it! I just booked the tickets two weeks ago.
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England, Germany, Czech republic and of course Bulgaria..I haven't been to that many places I wish I traveled more..
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I've left the country three times:

2000 - NSW, Australia
2004 - NSW, Australia
2008 VIC, Australia

and upcoming in 2009 - NSW, Australia again.

So three times currently but it will be four times in Feb!
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this is a easy one.... Not many.

Ummmm, under 5 I would say. 1 trip to Portugal, 1 trip to OH, 1 trip to MI that I can remember.
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None either . The farthest I have been is New York/Wash. DC. I was supposed to go to London for a week for my graduation trip....we had the plane/hotel tickets bought but the next day my dad told me to cancel them, because he said we couldnt afford them . I was heart broken!
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