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will eating grass give kitty diarrhea?

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Hi! My cat, Kramer, goes outside (on a leash!) and recently he's been been munching on grass. He's also recently had diarrhea. I stopped feeding him wet food and stopped letting him outside and the diarrhea cleared up. I put him back on wet food (which he'd been on for 6-1/2 years before without incident) and no diarrhea. Then I added outside on the leash, and it's baaaaack!

My question is this...can eating too much grass give him this problem? Or is it likely something else?

Thanks for your help!
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Eating grass is okay for them provided it is chemical free. Cats can get the runs from the same things we do. If the stomach and intestines say "whoa what is this" it will try and get rid of it the fastest route possible. Kitty may be eating too much or it is not a favorite of her system.
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No. Eating grass usually does the opposite by bulking up the stool. Many cats enjoy a good bit of grass every now and then. Every single cat of the 100's that I have known in my life will eat grass. Some vomit it back up - using it as a natural hairball remedy. Most just use it as a colon cleanser.

Petsmart and other pet oriented super stores have even started carrying grow it yourself wheat and barley grass kits. I reccommend these over outside grass since the grasses will be pesticide and weed free and contain only plant types that are non-toxic to cats. If you have a "grass freak" you might want to investigate keeping a couple of kits growing year round. There easy and will make your cat happy.

Kramer may be getting into a type of grass that does irritate his digestive system. He might be getting a dose of pesticides or herbacide that can cause not only loose stools but long term helf affects. Eating outside grass can also bring Kramer into contact with a variety of bacteria and pesticides. Indoor pet store grasses may divert him from the outside kind so that he can continue to explore the outside while leashed

If your cat is experiencing loose stools right now look for dietary causes first (including the outside grass) then move on to parasites and diseases. Make sure 'Special K' doesn't become dehydrated.

Hope this clears up soon.
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*smacks self on forehead* I totally meant to pick up some cat grass for Satey at Petsmart this weekend! Should I be wary of the container I plant the stuff in? I have a couple of low, rectangular terra-cotta-loking planters but they are painted. I wouldn't want some chemical leeching out from the planter to get into the grass or something...
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I've used terra cotta long as the inside is not treated you should be fine. Right now I'm growing in untreated plantation pine, but from time to time I rest my planter and use plastic margarine tubs. My Six are just happy for the greens. I'm trying to raise some catnip outside on my sill in a glass terrarium. I can't seem to grow it inside...wonder why, hmmm?????
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All the pet grass that I have seen for purchase
at PetCO, Petsmart (whether is the one you grow or the one that is already forwn) usually dies within 2 weeks. Loki loves grass and we have our daily session where he lookes out the sliding glass door while I feed him pet grass. Our little bonding session.

Is there one that does not have to be replaced every 2 weeks or so. All the grass around me is chemically treated so that is out of the question. Any suggestions????
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I've found that yes I do need to sprout and plant every 2-4 weeks. I use barley, alphalpha and wheatgrass and find that these plants don't do well indoors. These crops do best in outdoor arid planting conditions. If you have a garden out of doors try planting in well drained slightly sandy soil.

I like the Petsmart/Petco options but have lately taken to bying larger amounts of seed from a seed catalog since 8 packets a month from Petsmart was becoming cost prohibitive. All the same my Six seem to prefer the tender young shoots the most.

Now about that catnip........
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My cat Eric simply loves grass. It is hardly likely that the diahorrea was caused by the grass, unless of course your cat happened to divulge some bacteria or pesticides along with it. I'd recommend that you tried planting some grass in a pot so that he could enjoy it without any risks to his health.
I myself have tried planting special kitty grass but it dies in a very short period. I have now taken to planting just normal grass (I always wash it thoroughly before planting) in a pot and Eric is purrfectly happy with that. He even stopped eating my plants :laughing:
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One of my cats would always try to get outside whenever we opened the door -- but ever since I started growing grass inside for her, she has not tried to escape! When the inside grown grass dies, I will pick monkey grass from outside to bring to her. Since we don't use any lawn treatments or pesticides, I think it is safe. She loves it and does a little happy dance whenever I come in the door with a handfull!
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Thanks, t2s. I think I may find a nice, squat, PLASTIC container to grow grass just in case

So where do you buy your seed from?
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