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How long do I leave kitty in guest room?

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My two year old kitty, Carly, is high strung and insecure in my opinion, and when a nice stray, Whatzit, came along I didn't know how to introduce them properly, so Whatzit was the outdoor cat, and Carly was the indoor/outdoor cat. Now I know they should be indoor cats - so don't scold me. They were kinda scrappy with each other, Whatzit the obvious alpha, who never bat an eyelash when Carly would make like she was going to attack. Carly was a alpha wannabe Alpha and would attack once in a great while only to get batted and then Carly would throw herself on her back exposing her stomach - classic submissive, right. Whatzit ran away ( probably to her old house down the block - her previous owners stopped by when they saw her in our yard and told us her name was Cocoa and that they lived down the street, but not where , so we couldn't find her) That's Carly's and Whatzit's history. Now intro Lucy a 4 month old who has been living with her mama until today. We hear she has a great personality. So any way, I'm sorry I ramble, but that's the way I communicate - I am disabled. We put Lucy in the guest room with all of her things and let her out of her carrier. She ran under the bed. then we left and Carly came in the house and almost immediately was aware of Lucy's presence and when to the door and started growling and hissing. She would hear Lucy meow and would come back and start in again. We went in and the kitten came out and we played with her using the same type of toy as is Carly's favorite - Big mistake. Carly went in the living room and I gave her a wide berth - not wide enough she attacked and I got a puncture through my jeans, lucky I wasn't in shorts! Lucy is over staying in the room, and wants out. Carlt seems like it is going to be awhile. How long does this take, and are we doing it right? What's the prognosis?

Thanks, Carly, Lucy,

and me, Sammy
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There are some great threads about introducing cats. Unfortunately, I don't have those so I hope the next poster can give you the links!

That being said there's no definitive time length. You'll just have to weigh out your individual cats and see how they are doing. If Lucy needs time out, there's nothing wrong with letting Carly stay in a different room for part of the time. You could also bring Lucy out then put Carly in Lucy's room. That gives Carly a chance to sniff the new kitty's stuff and begin getting used to her smell.

It sounds like Carly may need some time to adjust to her new roommate. Based on what you've said I'd take things slowly.
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Thank you for your reply! I just wanted to know if we are on track, and I think we are. Today I went into the kitty, Lucy's room, and put her in the carrier and let Carly in the house. she heard the little meows. she saw Lucy and bolted. I let her out and she didn't come in for hours. Also, I went to see Lucy and she was under the bed. I sat across the room and threw treats under the bed then I threw one just short and she came out to get it so I threw them closer to me and she came to me and I held out my hand with treats in them and she ate them. Then she went over and licked her empty food bowl,so I took it and filled it with wet food and and some food that was dry, but very small. Then I pet her as she ate. I hope we can get it so Carly isn't so scared.

Thanks again, Sam
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