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Post-Op Recuperation *1 incision picture*

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As some of you know today was Hercules hootie chop off day! AKA he got neutered! I dont ever get the oppurtunity to snap many pics of him but today being all doped up I had the chance to take some pics while he was sleeping in his happy spot...the kitchen table. Its his own personal nap area where none of the other animals bother him and will let him rest in peace and quiet. So here you go see my poor neutie boy resting and recuperating..*WARNING* the last picture is one of his incision!!!!!

**My poor little neutie boy**

Incision picture!!! Its not very big and he hasnt been licking it..Hes more concerned with his empty..ummm...sack...

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He's still cute

The incision looks great
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Aw, what a cutie. I hope he's feeling ok post-snip.
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hes gorgeous he looks so content in that first pic. his incision looks very neat and tidy
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So far today he has been ok..Still very clingy. Im trying to get another picture of his incision. There were no sutures or staples or anything like that for us to have removed it looked like it was just a liquid bandaide type thing but he hasnt been messing with it still and while I was at work I made BF keep checking on him because I couldnt stop worrying about him if he goes to the cat room or jumping around because he WILL NOT let me contain him to either the bedroom or spare room he threw a hissy fit when I tried. His incision still looks good a little red but thats to be expected, there is no puss or goopies oozing out of it. But it looks to be a little opened up but it doesnt seem to be bothering him. I washed my hands with anti bactierial soap to check it out I poked around it to see if it was hurting him and I didnt get a reaction out of him. It doesnt seem to be bothering him and I think Franklin knows that he has a booboo because normally he chases the cats around a nips at their feetsies and he hasnt been doing it to Herc. But Ill try and post a pic of what his incision looks like today because Id like to keep you guys updated because it might look ok to me but to you guys who have gone thru this before Id like your insight to how he is doing...But so far all is well now Im just watching the litterboxes to make sure he is pottying and eating good.
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