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I wanted to do a solo!

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I was in the grocery store this evening and David Bowie's "Modern Love" came on. So, I started singing (very, very low because I am really a terrible singer). Much to my horror, a nice looking guy in front of me started singing, too. And his singing was as bad as mine! I didn't want a duet...especially not with such a horrible singer! I got away from there as quickly as possible, to the frozen food section, where I could finish the song in peace.
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Thanks for the laugh....
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LOL...Tone deaf people unite..I do that too when I hear a song I like..Ive done it at work in front of my tables and had them laughing right along with me because Im singing along to 50s music..surprisingly I got good tips from that..Maybe they thought I needed voice lessons.
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That's a hoot!
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LOL!! Too funny!!

We celebrated my birthday with my family the other week and they all proved to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that any musical tallent I have did not come from that side of the family!! But they sang to me twice anyway because my grandpa (he has altzheimers) got a huge smile on his face and put his hands up like he was directing us. It was so cute!
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That is sooooo funny!!!!!
I can't sing and I had trouble accepting it but I finally have, and it has come to the point where I no longer try to sound good, I just sing for fun and it's yea the sounds that come out are pretty horrendous
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If my mother-in-law had been there, she would have shown that man how Modern Love is sung! Then he would have left the potato chip aisle in shame!

DH's whole family is musically inclined. Once my MIL and I were on a tour bus. They started singing songs (except for me...I was just moving my lips) and soon everyone on the bus was trying to figure out where the beautiful singing was coming from. I knew this was going to happen; I had a premonition. Then they found her, and started heaping on the compliments. (Maybe I sound a bit jealous? Hmmm, not me!) There just happened to be a man who owned a Christian radio station on the bus. He invited my mil and sils (also great singers) to sing on the radio. She never went, 'too busy', but I was impressed that she was asked.
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The other day while DH was out getting a hair cut, I was blaring music and singing loudly. Now, he and his family are musical, and his sister sang at our wedding. Beautiful voices. I can't carry a tune in a bucket (though DH swears he can teach me) and much to my embarrassment, he comes sneaking upstairs after he had been listening to me singing for a couple minutes downstairs.
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Oh thank you so much for that!!!!
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