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Fabric resistant to urine

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I have cats that pee on the side and on top of my sofa. With 8 cats, I know how to try to clean it. If I buy a new sofa, what can type of fabric can I buy to minimize clean up for the 8 cats that climb on the sofa with claws?

I have microfiber couch which takes in the urine. Not sure if scotchguard will work if urine sits before I find it. Leather would get holes from claws.

Also related problem, they pee on the doors. What can I put on the door like a shield to protect the door and paint (e.g. plastic adhesive)?

I am verified the cats' peeing is behavioral not health related.

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Scotchguarding will definitely help, and I believe microfibre is considered the best fabric for cat friendly couches - besides plastic furniture of course

I'm going through behaviour related peeing/pooping problems at the moment too. A product called Anti-Icky-Poo was recommended as about the best product on the market.

Also, I just changed to 66 qt. Clearview Sterilite tubs rather than litter trays. Where their trays are, I had one tub and one of the old litter trays (which I thought was pretty big), and they used the tub almost exclusively! They're good for multi cat households because they have plenty of room, they can still see other cats clearly, so don't get any unwanted sneak attacks.

It was recommended to me to have the litter trays in a part of the room where the cat can clearly see the rest of the room so once again they don't get sneak attacks.

What other things have you tried to help the behaviour related problems (Feliway etc.), how many litter trays do you have, how much vertical space do you have, how big is your house, do you have a bully/hyperactive cat, have you tried putting things on the places they pee, what products have you used so far?
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i have 9 litter private areas.....tried foil where the one cat pees (the other cat sometimes follows the other cat lead)...he is balinese neutered...with foil, he avoided but peeded elsewhere....he doesnt try to hide it....he did in front of a visitor and in front of the vet (actually #1 and #2)....doing it for 6 years....we put pillows on top of couch and he avoids it but pees elsewhere....stands on edge of litter box to poop....i like the 66 qt clearview idea....can cats jump in and out w/out problem? i guess i could try another type of litter other than the clumping one (scoop away)...never tried that...but i think he might avoid touching any litter....tried to cage him for 2 weeks and he used litter box for 1 and 2 though during that time (which was about 2 years ago...same as when we confined him to a bathroom....confining him for the rest of my life isnt an option as my partner will object

tried nature's miracle and others but the problem is he pees on beds (got a waterproof mattress pad finally) on couch cushions, rugs, and carpet. So I can clean it but never really well enough since it soaks into cushion or carpet pad or deep in mattress.

He doesnt get bullied just pees to mark his territory....since he peed in the master bedroom so much i put an absorbent pad hanging from my tv cabinet and he pees on it daily and am not sure but i dont think he pees there now...but i cannot put that pad on every door to my 2 floor 5 bedroom houee which i share with my partner and 7 other indoor cats (no cats roaming either).....thoughts?
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I have a micro fiber couch that worked great while we were potty training our dog. He used to have accidents on the couch before he realized how to tell us he needed to go potty. It never went down to the foam or padding of the cushions because it was treated to be water proof. If your couch hasnt been treated or water proofed it might be leaking into the foam and padding around your couch causing him to constantly remark. You could try taking apart your couch and getting all new foam and padding in it (cheaper than buying new) and getting waterproofing spray treatment stuff either sold at a furniture store or a shoe store and treating your couch with that so if there is anymore accidents its doesnt leak into the padding or cushions you would only have to wash the outer covers and stuff. That would be my solution to your problem without having to shell out $1500 for a new couch (thats how much ours was) It would be much much cheaper to replace the padding and foam cushions and water proof it yourself and the water proofing spray wont damage the couch either.
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I definitely recommend trying the tubs, the cats can get in and out fine. If you have an old arthritic cat, they might have issues, but certainly providing some of each could work.

My kitty who's peeing and pooping in the wrong places stands on the edge of the litter tray too, but prefers scoopable to other litter types.

Have you tried Cat Attract litter? It's what I'm using now and it's helped to a degree. You can also just get Cat Attract additive to add to the litter.

Have you got Feliway? You can run diffusers all over the house, and you can also get a spray. The good thing about the spray is that it's supposed to discourage cats from peeing in those spots - specifically for behaviour related peeing. It's a pheremone and it relaxes them a bit. If you get the spray, you can spray it on towels and drape the towels in the places where he pees.

I've also spent today trying to clean pee from couch cushions, and the same problem - I can't get in deep enough, and can smell a trace of pee. Can you put some sort of waterproofing between the cushion and the cushion cover?

I wish I had a definitive fix for you, but unfortunately it's a tough situation. If you try those things, you may be able to get some relief!

It sounds as though you have plenty of space. I'm currently locking away my kitty away in a bedroom 24/7, and she's much happier - but her problem was that she decided she hated one of our other cats after 3 years of living happily together!
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I have 10 aging cats and work problems on a couple of fronts.

1) Litter box - I also use the sterilite tubs and Cat Attract litter. I had a sink pee-er that started to use the box again after 10 years of peeing in sinks and tubs once I switched to these. If you make the litter boxes attractive to them, there is a greater chance that they will use them.

2) You have to get the smell completely out of the furniture. Nok Out works a lot better than Nature's Miracle, and doesn't have an offensive chemical smell to it. If it's in your sofa cushions, pour it on liberally and repeat as necessary. You can also dilute Nok Out with water in a spray bottle for vertical surfaces.

3) Make sure the problem isn't physical (you said you were doing this). Don't just look for urinary or bladder issues, but do a full health screening. My Stumpy has an auto-immune disease and when his disease flares up, he starts to pee outside the box. It has nothing to do with his bladder. Run a complete blood panel and look for any illness.

4) Address the stress of a multi-cat household: make sure you have plenty of space for your cats where they can have their own territory. Vertical space works for a lot of people - lots of tall cat condos. Keep a solid routine with them every day - feed them at the same time, play with them as often as you can, etc. My cats always act out when I change my schedule (or go on vacation), then settle back down after a few days.

You mentioned that he was peeing on a door. If that door is stained/varnish, treat the door with Nok-Out, then put a couple of coats of polyurethane on it to give it a water proof finish. If it's painted, treat it with Nok Out then repaint it with a high gloss paint, and make sure you do the underside of the door (take it off it's hinges to do this).
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