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Mike brought me a surprise.........

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My hubby keeping this a secret from me,went out this morning with just a cryptic "going for a drive, back soon!" I wondered, but he is getting ready to go to a HAM Fest this weekend so I thought he was just getting together with the guys. He did take my Suburban though which ticked me off. He has his own truck!

Well he was gone almost all day and when he returned home he was driving a 2001 Ford Excursion! MY truck! But I will share. Gosh it is sure a nice vehicle! I was so shocked and pleased. Guess I can't haul hay in my vehicle anymore!
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WOW! What a guy! You lucked out, MaryAnn!

Enjoy the new wheels!!!
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Hissy ,give that man a big hug! He sounds real sweet!
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Wow That is a great surprise. I would have been all ready to chew on his ummm...tail if he had left in my vechile.

But then for a new Excursion you can't stay mad for long
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Ooo congrats!
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MA, from the sounds of all the wonderful things Mike does for you...he's one helluva a guy! What a lucky woman you are AND what a lucky man he is to have you!

btw, I've been meaning to ask, but I keep forgetting about it. What ever came about that surprise that he was making you? I can't remember if it was a hutch or a wardrobe?
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How nice! Better hang on to that one! Yeah... probably should hang on to the husband too!

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Wow and mine doean't even get me flowers just because! I'm SOOOOOO jealous!
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I think I'm going ot share this story with Tim!! Think it will make a difference? yay..how nice for you!!

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WOW that is a nice surprise!!! Those things are HUGE! and expensive
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Wow! What a surprise!
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Aww!!! That was really sweet. I am glad you didn't give him the what for -- for taking your truck instead of his.
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Talk about a nice surprise! Maybe your hubby needs to offer lessons to those other men out there without a clue.
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He is a pretty special man. I knew it over 18 years ago when I got the first letter from him. (we met through a...GASP!......personal ad!)

Shell, it was a chest he made me, not a full size chest, and not a minature but in between. Where I can store my rememberances and jewelry and stuff.
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MA that's so sweet!! What a great guy!! Congrats on the new truck! (I think I'll just gently nudge Alex to come read some of these posts, hehe!)
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Awww MA! Sounds like you have one special man! We all know he has a very very special lady
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MA, does he have any brothers?...
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