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Jakie my little shadow!

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Jake is like a puppy sometimes in that he follows me around. This morning, I was sitting on the toilet (lid closed NOT using it that way), bent over and cleaning litter pans...when suddenly I felt cat paws on me... a (not so) little black and white kitty climbed up on my back and proceeded to wash MY ears!!! Aw, Jake! Thanks, little buddy... I can hear better already!!

I Jake. He is really a lovey-boy.

He's the one who also occasionally gives me sandpaper facials.!!!
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How sweet is that!! Gotta just love a little lover bug!
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That is just so precious! Hehe... sometimes Tiger sniffs my ear when we snuggle... it tickles so bad.... I can't imagine a kitty kiss there... That's so sweet!
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That really is just too sweet!
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Aaaaaawwwww!!! That is just so sweeeeet!!!
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