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Feeding baby food meats

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I have been mixing in a little baby food chicken with the goats milk/KMR to satisfy my little bottle babies. They will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. Can I mix in any other baby food (I have a lot of turkey and beef left from my daughter)?
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I've never used anything but the chicken and I use that for the ferals I'm trying to socialize. I don't see why you can't use turkey or beef, if they'll eat it. I'd be careful about it, though, just because it might be too rich for their tummies.

Also, make sure it doesn't have onion in it.
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It is stage 1, meat and broth only They are really showing interest in food from my fingers but prefer I mix it up and give it to them in their bottles The kitten food mixed w/ the milk clogs the nipple but the baby food is just right. We had a small issue with constipation but that has worked out and they are doing great!
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Personally, I've never liked the idea of feeding kittens human baby meat foods. I've seen owners at cat shows give it to their cats and tried it once with mine - they wouldn't touch the stuff

I find that a little KMR, canned kitten food and warm water mixed into a mush works a lot better to get them to eat. And when you start them on canned kitten food they rarely have problems with loose stools and can easily continue eating canned food and later the hard dry food.

I usually start with either the chicken or lamb kitten food, then add in beef a few weeks later.
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I really dislike baby meat-foods, I don't blame the cats for not wanting to eat it
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When I use the baby food, I come close to gagging - its that distasteful to me personally. But it works like a charm turning ferals around.
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I had a bunch given to me and my daughter won't touch the stuff either The kittens love it. The kitten food plugs the nipple and they just aren't ready to eat from a plate, I have tried several times. If I mix KMR and the baby food they can take it from a bottle. I will continue to try the kitten food from my fingers but in the mean time they still need their bottle...or they just want it
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can you get some ad from the vet it mixes easy and would provide some things the baby food cant
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