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Can Squeak be part puppy?

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Squeak is my abt. 4 1/2 mo. old kitty. We've had her since around the first week in Aug. She is such a funny little girl that makes us laugh all the time. We are used to our older cat Dusty, who is very affectionate with her kitty kisses (head rubs against our lips), but Squeak is different. She doesn't head butt. She licks. Our noses, our chin, our cheeks - anywhere on our face! She also plays fetch. The only thing she doesn't do is bark! Instead she squeaks, which is how she got her name.

Is face licking unusual for a kitten?

Oh, and another thing. She brings strange things into our bed in the middle of the night. Sometimes it's a toy, but the other morning it was a small tube of toothpaste! Other things she has brought us in bed include pens, and a very small wood scupture. She's a character!
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I don't know if face licking is unusual because my Kiki does it too. Maybe they are both strange. I have to be careful with Kiki b/c licking can turn into biting without any notice. As far as her bringing things to you..she wants you to be proud of her (the same thing they do when they hunt). Just be glad she isn't bringing rodents or bugs into your bed...

My last outdoor cat would bring me moles, squirrels, birds you name it and leave it on the porch for mommy to find.
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Gigi licks too...When it started I remembered this thing I saw on Animal Planet about how in the cat world licking or grooming another cat is the groomers way of showing submission to the alpha cat...Haha I wonder if our cats are showing us we are actually the boss!!
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I didn't think about the grooming thing. How interesting! It's fascinating how their personalities are so different.
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haha that is funny.

my cat tommy does kitty kisses differently also.. what he likes to do is rub the sides of his mouth (usually his "fang" teeth is what you'd feel) against any body part that is not covered in clothes and available for touch (Elbows, ankles, face, feet. etc).. i really dont like it very much as his teeth sometimes hurt. but its funny how he does it on both sides of his mouth, french style kissing!!

Tommy used to play fetch when he was still a kitten.. he doesnt anymore though. it was hilarious.. youd throw a toy down the hall, he d run and bring it back and drop it in your lap!
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