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I haven't read all the way through this thread as I haven't finished the book yet. One thing I do like is how Harry is actually a teenager now. He is moody, he lashes out at his friends, he's truly his age. Just had to say that.
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Finally, I finished the book.
It is indeed different, I liked that he is moody, because that is a typical teenager, and I can understand his frustration, not knowing where his friends were during the summer holidays, and having to deal with the Dursleys.
I hope that Sirius' death is just a temporary thing, as I do like him a lot.

I agree, I am going to have to read the books all over again, just as well as they are re-readable!
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I just finished it too. But the lazy way. I bought the tapes. I was thoroughly surprised and happy to find it already on tape. I thought I might have to wait for it.

I agree, I didn't really like this one as much as the others. Harry wouldn't have lost Sirius if he had learned occulumency(?).

I too hope it isn't a long time before the others come out.
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I think Harry Potter does nothing but introduce children to the world of the occult and witchcraft. My 2 cents
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I dont think it introduces them to witchcraft. I remember watching an interview with lots of kids on tv a while back and one little girl said "don't they know its not rea;? Duh!"
It was so cute. I dont think we need to worry about the children, its the adults we need to worry about, and I agree with what Tybalt said about "they're not reading something as xenophobic, graphic and violent as another popular book I know." There are worse books out there, and this one is just wonderful.

Have you read it? Its highly imaginative. Its getting children to read, and thats important.
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Wicca is a beautiful religion and while I don't practise it I appreciate it as a loving and giving practise. I think the books teach people how to be tolerant of differences as well as expand their imaginations.
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You can label me whatever you want fact remains wicca is witchcraft, I don't touch it. As far as members on this board practising, well its a free country and you can do as you wish
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Wicca is indeed Witchcraft. It is not: Satanism, evil, harmful, dangerous.

Blessed Be and may the Goddess smile upon you.
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Originally posted by E36
You can label me whatever you want fact remains wicca is witchcraft, I don't touch it. As far as members on this board practising, well its a free country and you can do as you wish
Thank you, but no thank you
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I think this thread is about the movie and not religion so lets try to keep it on track.
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Thanks, Debby. Wicca has nothing to do with the "Witchcraft and Wizardry" in the HP books. Although I would dearly love to be able to use some of those spells! Scourgify, the house is clean! Expelliarmus, the door to door salesman is gone!
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No more comments back and forth about the religion aspect of this movie. We do have a specific forum for that. It is called "IMO". This is the lounge and should be light hearted. So........back to the movie subject...

I haven't seen it yet....the first one wasn't too bad, but I was a little bored with it. My stepson really loved it though. I think I will check this one out when it comes out on video just to see if I like it better.
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Debby, the second film is already available on VHS and DVD (I reserved mine at Blockbusters to get it the day it came out). It's a little darker and a little more adult, but the kids are growing up too. I thought the first movie was wonderful, just because I got to see a world I had been reading about. The second movie is better as a movie, in my opinion, because it was a complete story in and of itself. Depending on how old your stepson is, I would recommend watching the movie before he does-a couple bits are really scary (even for me, and I read the books!).

By the way, it's so wonderful to see you back!
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I finished the book about a week ago, and now I don't feel like reading anything. I thought it was a great story, and
well-written. When is the next one due out?

My thoughts on the Order of the Phoenix:

I don't think Sirius is coming back. Nearly Headless Nick told Harry, in a roundabout way, that he regretted sticking around as a ghost. I think Sirius is not afraid of the unknown, and will go on to whatever is next.

I loved McGonagall's comments to Umbridge, especially the bit about competent teachers, when she was reviewing Harry's grades. I also thought it was funny when she couldn't chase after someone cause Peeves (?) had her cane.

I love the Weasley twins, and their exit from Hogwarts was one of the best parts in the book.

I didn't see any developing relationship between Hermione and Harry, if anything, she seems to be leaning toward Ron. And she'll have some competition from Luna, if that's the case.

I am glad Neville is coming into his own. Remember in book 1 Dumbledore gave him points for standing up to his friends, which is a kind of bravery in itself? He always had it in him, he just never had the confidence. Maybe now that his friends know more about his background, he can grow.

I am not sure who I think the prophecy is about, it would be a huge twist if it turned out to be Neville. We'll see in time.

I hope Petunia does start having magical powers. Can you imagine how her husband and son would react?! that would be priceless.
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LOL I think that someone from the Land Of OZ not liking witchcraft is very funny as it took a good witch to get Dorathy home It too had tons of magic and witchcraft and encouraged children of that age to read.

Why didn't the kids get the results of their O.W.L.S?
Will they be allowed to retake some of the tests over the summer?
Which house won as far as the house points?
Is Percy just working deep undercover?
Will Mr & Mrs Weasley force the twins to return to school?
Will Nevilles parents ever recover?

I just need to know!
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I started the first of all 5 books on the Sunday we returned from TX and finished the last one on the 17th (read them all in 10 days) and LOVED them! I was deliberately not reading them because everybody else was. I also saw tons of people with the 5th book at the courthouse (mostly jurors) reading it.

I wish the wizardry in HP was real too. Can you imagine fixing dinner, cleaning house, getting more space in your house and car that way? So cool! But I'm obviously a muggle and I'm muggling through life (and not always so good at it either).

I read a book on Sacajawea after I finished HP. It took a while to get into it after the 10 days of HP, but I'm on other books right now. Just had to say I was very impressed with the whole shebang.

I also thought everyone was fighting because of Voldemort (they kept saying how he would win if the good wizards couldn't stick together), not because of teen years. Interesting how we all read things differently.
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Originally posted by DragonLady
LOL I think that someone from the Land Of OZ not liking witchcraft is very funny as it took a good witch to get Dorathy home It too had tons of magic and witchcraft and encouraged children of that age to read.
GOod point, I guess Wizard of Oz is such a "classic" people overlook the witchcraft aspects of it.

I also want to know the answer to all of those question. It will be interesting to see where the Slytherin students end up in the coming battles, since some of their parents are Deatheaters.
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I can't remember, did he know about the mirror before or after the events. I remember that he saw the package at the bottom of his trunk at the end of the year, after everything had happened, and opened it up to see what was in it and then tried to communicate to Sirius on the other side.

I love the names she uses. Sirius Black turns into a black dog???? Heh heh heh. Too good.
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The part about Dumbledors brother was in book 4, when hagrid was upset about what Skeeter wrote about him. Although I really would like to know what is an inappriate spel to use on a goat. The bigest debate going on between my & my hubby is whether Fudge is working for Voldy. Think about who gives a newspaper that just happens to have a picture of wormtail to a murder in jail. Oh dear he escaped quick put dementors at the school, dementers that only seem to go after Harry, strange huh. Then there's the fact that in book 4 he brought the dementer that killed Crouch, the only person to verify that Voldy was back. Then all his activity in book 5 just a little to suspicious to me.
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