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Originally posted by Deb25
I am not so sure about the prophecy being about Neville. I think that it could have been about either of them, but Voldemort himself made it self-fulfilling when he chose Harry. I do think that Neville will continue to play a larger role, which is great to have him being something other than just a bumbling kid.
But did he? While Harry's scars are visible, Nevilles go deeper emotionally, as he has a constant reminder of what happened to his parents as they are still alive. We will see come book 7 if Neville isn't the one!
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There may also be something to do with Albus Dumbledore's brother. He was mentioned once in this book.
"That's Dumbledore's brother Aberforth, only time I ever met him, strange bloke"
Moody said this when he's showing Harry the pictures of the old Order of the Phoenix

I kept thinking "With Dumbledore acting this wierd, I wonder if it's his brother impersonating him". I don't think so now, but I think we might meet him later on.
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I absolutely loved this book. It was the best yet, I think, though the mood was rather dark and depressing.

I noticed, especially during Dumbledore's explanation at the end, that a LOT of miniscule details were explain in the other books. Such as when Harry tells Dumbledore in book 3 about Trelawny's prediction and Dumbledore replied something like, "Well, that brings her number of real preditions up to 2. I should give her a pay raise." Also in book 2, after Harry explained what happened in the Chamber of Secrets, Dumbledore gives Harry an inexplicable look which I think relates to keeping the prophecy from Harry. I want to read through all of them again just to pick up on all of those.

With the end of the book, are we all so sure that the prophecy is ablout Harry. It could be Neville talked about in the prophecy. While Neville may not be marked "physically" he has been mark emotionally and mentally by Voldemort's actions against his parents. It could be Neville who will kill Voldemort! I love how Neville is taking charge in his life and learning how to defend himself.
Though this is a possibility, I think it is unlikely that Neville is the one mentioned in the Prophecy. It did say that The Dark Lord would mark whomever is was as an equal, and though he did mark Neville emotionally, I dont think that would qualify him as equal. Good point though.

There may also be something to do with Albus Dumbledore's brother. He was mentioned once in this book.
Hmmm.... I though he was brought up before by Dumbledore when Harry was complaining about having the Dursleys as relatives, and Dumbledore mentioned having a brother who did not have the greatest reputation. I dont remember the details, and I cant find any of my copies of the book I think this may be in. So it may not be accurate.
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Weee I finished this book last night, and I'm sooo thrilled with it! Rowling has an unbelievable imagination, and is a master at keeping you on your toes.

I don't think a relationship with Hermione and Harry will happen, and I don't think it happened in this book either. Cho was jealous of the friendship between Hermione and Harry, and I think Rowling did an absolutely wonderful job of portraying how young adults (15 years old) are still rather immature and unknowledgable in the ways of 'relationships'.

Honestly, I think that Ron and Hermione have a possiblitiy of developing something between them. At least I think that Ron is a bit jealous of Hermione and Viktor. Everytime Viktor and Hermione are mentioned around Ron he makes a smart comment. It makes me grin so.

I, also, love Fred and George. The fashion in which they leave Hogwarts was absolutely stunning. Sticking up for Dumbledore and caushing Umbridge such havoc. It was so much fun. I do hope that we hear more about them in the future, and see more pranks. Perhaps take a trip through their new joke shop.

I was a bit surprised about that it was the blood of his Aunt Petunia that was protecting him. I did keep wondering why he was forced to go back to #4 Privet Drive during the summers when they didn't want him, and he didn't want to be there. I'm very happy this was explained.

Sirius dying broke my heart. Although, he couldn't have died in a more honorable fashion. Fighting to save Harry and the rest of D.A. while also personally fighting off his own Death Eater cousin Bellatrix. I do hope his name gets cleared up, for Sirius is a great man.

I was actually happy to see Snape's memory of James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black. James had always been portrayed as such a saint to Harry and I think it is vital to him in growing up and maturing to realize that everyone no matter how wonderful they are or were has faults and are NOT perfect.

The unsung hero Neville Longbottom has to be one of my favorite characters HANDS down. His bravery has grown so, and his determination to stand up for friends, family, and himself makes me swell with pride for him. I do believe from the bottom of my heart that Neville has a very important role in the near future. What a wonderful character he is.

As much as she was disliked, Umbridge was well written. Rowling has such a knack for making you dislike the characters SHE wants you to dislike.

Can't wait to see what happens to Grawp, and I'm curious about Firenze and Trelawny. Will they both teach divination ? We shall see!!

McGonagall is a wonderful character and I love how she stands up to Umbridge and sticks up for Harry! Declaring her help to him to become an Auror if it's the LAST thing she does. I can't wait to find out how many O.W.Ls they all get!

I have to say that one of my favorite parts was when the Order stood up for Harry to the Dursley's. Rowling sure does know how to make you close a book with a big ole grin on your face doesn't she? I can't WAIT for the new book!!!
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I agree that the ending was superb! LOVED the Order telling the Dursleys that they were watching. I really also loved that more of the original letter from Dumbledore was explained. Perhaps Petunia will play more of a pivotal role later.

The whole book, particularly the ending, struck me as so "Empire Strikes Back", for all you Star Wars people. The ending was triumphant (except for Sirius' death, of course), yet it definitely left that feeling of foreboding, and you know the worst is yet to come.

I just LOVE Rowling as a writer. She grabs you and pulls you into each and every book. A co-worker of mine bought book 5, but has read none of the others. Although, he has seen the movies, I am urging him to start at the beginning. I really think you have to experience Rowling's writing, not just know the main plot points from a film.
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I have to agree with you Deb. Rowling is a master. Hope you can convince the coworker to read em all, because he just doesn't know what he's missing!!

I think it'd be quite interesting to see if Petunia developes some magical skill in the later books. That will be the true test. Was she really just jealous of her sister because she had no magical powers.. OR does she *really* think that witches and wizards are 'freaks'.. and if so how will she feel once she finds out that she is one?

Sooo many possibilities. Get busy Rowling!
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Ok, let me say this first. I am not done with the book yet (about 3/4 done), and I have not read a single posting in this thread because I don't want to be spoiled.

With that said, isn't it amazing the way this woman can make you hate a character. I can't tell you how much I despise this Umbridge character. Evil.

I love this book!
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Well, he's an elementary school teacher, like me, so it won't be too hard, I am guessing. Plus I already know he is into fantasy-type genre. I am planning on using this argument.
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Originally posted by Luv Those Paws
Ok, let me say this first. I am not done with the book yet (about 3/4 done), and I have not read a single posting in this thread because I don't want to be spoiled.

With that said, isn't it amazing the way this woman can make you hate a character. I can't tell you how much I despise this Umbridge character. Evil.

I love this book!
Resist the urge! I peeked at one tiny post, and got news I didn't want. I am soooo with you on Umbridge. She is the absolute worst. Makes Snape look like a nice guy.
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One thing I think should have been cleared up in this book... Molly & Arthur Weasley's reaction to Fred & George's dropping out of school and opening the joke shop. I mean, Ron was expecting to get yelled at for it, but nothing happened, and they all seemed happy enough together at the end of the book
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I've found where Dumbledore mentions Aberforth. It is in the 4th book in chapter 24 when Hagrid is upset because of Rita Skeeter's article, and they are discussing unfortunate relations.
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Yay! Jenn will be so happy, she really wants to read it.

What to say, first amazing. I loved the character development. I think the person I was most impresse with was Ginny, she is really coming into her own. I wouldn't mind seeing her wind up with Harry. The way she told him to stop being rude. I was like "Go Girl!".

The bits with the twins had me laughing. I love the Weasley's. They are a great bunch of characters.

Harry being angry all the time made sense to me, he is 15 first, and he has this connection to Voldemort. I mean who wouldn't be angry. It is good he is getting it out there. He seemed more expressive this time round. It's never good to bottle up your feelings.

The tone was certainly darker. I was so worried that Hermione was the one that was going to die, that all I felt when Sirius died was relief. I did feel bad for Harry though, Sirius was the only person he enjoyed having as family, and now he is gone. I think though, we may see or hear from Sirius again in one form or another. All things are possible in this wizarding world!

In total, I loved it.
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After this series, Rowling said she plans on writing a novel for adults. Doesn't she realize that at least 1/2 the readers of this series are adults?
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Aint that the truth!

What do you all think about this?

On another note. I think Neville is going to have a bit more to do with the prophecy than we think, even if he isn't the "marked" one. If he doesn't, it would be pointless for Rowling to point that out.
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I had seen that comment in an interview with Rowling I read online. I can't honestly believe she'd kill him off, but I suppose she must be sick of everyone trying to outguess her.

If she does, there had better be some other extreme happiness to make up for it.....
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I think that if she kills off Harry, she will lose about 80-90% of the audience who would have bought any other book by her.

But, here's my theory-Harry does "die" by going behind the Veil at some point in books 6 or 7, but he comes back, perhaps after talking with his parents or Sirius.
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At this point, I wouldn't be suprised by anything she does - these books have many twists and turns.
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I don't think she will let Voldemort "survive." It would be a very tragic way to end the series if he did "survive." However, if Harry does die, which I really hope does not occur and if it does Deb is right that something very happy would have to make up for that, I think that's where Neville may come in to fulfill the prophecy to rid the world of Voldemort. But, let's not think about Harry not making it through the end - it just can't be.
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I finished the book around 2 days ago. I didn't like the ending, it didn't really have that much of a twist, I still like the other 4 better. It was still a good read though and I think Cho & Harry will get back together. Sirius will stay dead.

Another thing , What will happen to Grimmauld Place?

Is Voldemort gone for good?

How long is Albus going to last?

Will Grawp learn english?
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
Another thing , What will happen to Grimmauld Place?
I really hope Harry, or the Order, gets Grimmauld Place. Seeing as how Sirius' closest living relatives seem to be the Malfoy's (shudder), I hope Sirius left a will.

Is Voldemort gone for good?
I don't think Voldemort will be gone for good until the end of book 7. Even then, who's to say that the ultimate evil can truly die?

How long is Albus going to last?
Hopefully, until the end of the series. Too much has been made about his importance in protecting Harry, and Hogwarts.

Will Grawp learn english?
Maybe not entirely, but I think we'll definatley see Grawp again!
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Hey Christy!

I hope Sirus made a will and left Grimmauld Place to Harry! It would be such a good place for him to live.

Yeah, I suppose Voldemort will have to stay for a few more books, but how's she going to make him come out now?

Is there going to be 8 books or 7?

I sure hope Dumbledore will live on but near the end of the book , he keeps saying an old mans mistake, meaning he's getting a bit senile?

Will Percy ever love his family again?

Tears were sliding down my face when, Grawp goes, Hermy where's hagger. Mum though I was nuts. It was emotional

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Well, even if Grimmaud Place gets left to Harry, unless Aunt Petunia wants to move there with him, he won't be safe there. Maybe after the series in ended; until then, I can see it staying the Order's Home Base.

I think Grawp may be what turns the tide for the Good Guys against the Giants. Perhaps he'll be able to convince them not to fight for Voldemort?

I think Percy will end up in a new breed of Deatheaters. I think Ron will have to face off against him before the series is over, and choose between blood that is evil and friendship that is good.

I think Sirius will stay dead. Perhaps Remus Lupin will try to be around more often for Harry, to try and be the father figure that Sirius couldn't be.
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
Hey Christy!

I hope Sirus made a will and left Grimmauld Place to Harry! It would be such a good place for him to live.
With Kreacher and Sirius' mom hanging on the wall? Lord knows I wouldn't want to stay there. But, it is the ideal place for the Order to stay, especially since Kreacher couldn't reveal where it was to the Malfoys. I hope Harry leaves it to the Order.

Yeah, I suppose Voldemort will have to stay for a few more books, but how's she going to make him come out now?.
Pretty easily, since he didn't get majorly hurt in the battle at the Ministry of Magic. I think the next book will be Voldemort and the Order in a battle for the minds of the wizarding world.

Is there going to be 8 books or 7?
From everything I've read (and I've been lurking on some HP forums) there are only going to be 7. However, I don't think JKR will find the wizarding world easy to give up...

I sure hope Dumbledore will live on but near the end of the book , he keeps saying an old mans mistake, meaning he's getting a bit senile?
Wizards live longer than humans. I don't think Dumbledore is going senile, I think he's just focusing on Harry and his state of mind rather than the wizarding world at large. I wouldn't be surprised if we find out Dumbledore and Harry are related in some way.

Will Percy ever love his family again?
Or will his family ever love him again? I was rather shocked by Percy's betrayal of all his family stood for, and if he's going to return to his family, he has a lot of explaining (and apologizing) to do.
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I was reading the back of the book and it said Harry I should of told you something I should of said 5 years ago and I thought he was gonna say they were related in some way.

Mrs. Black, How can they get rid of her? Can they use a curse on her? Or because she's dead and just a spirt thing is she there for good?

Kreacher is a bit naughty when he left the house, especially as House Elfs are only supposed to go when they are given clothing.

When will Harry join the order?

I was very angry at what Percy did to his family and when he sent his jersey back! I hope he comes crawling back to them!!

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I was saving "Phoenix" for my flight to the States in August, but made the mistake of "just reading the first chapter" Tuesday evening. Naturally I read the whole thing - was up till 1 a.m., and had to get up at 5! I wouldn't say it was my favorite of the books - I'm kind of partial to HP 3 - but I loved the character development. I hope we don't have to wait so long for the next installment.
I think Neville is a late developer - one of those nerdy kids in junior high school who turns into every mother's dream son-in-law. He reminds me of a guy I went to high school with - shy, awkward, dorky- looking, but smart. We went to college together, and he went through a real metamorphosis. All these girls would say, "You know W. pretty well. Does he have a steady girlfriend? Will you introduce me? He's so gorgeous/brainy/cool, etc." Harry, Ron and Hermione are all "outsiders", too, who do unbelievable things - that is their appeal. No wonder kids love the books.
I can't see Percy becoming a Death Eater - he's too uptight. Maybe he'll reconcile with his family and keep tabs on Fudge for the Order.
I love J.K. Rowling's use of names - naturally everyone gets peeved at Peeves, would like to snipe at Snape, takes umbrage at Umbridge, and finds Kreacher a disgusting creature.
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Ok, this is weird....the google ads at the bottom of this thread are BOTH for Harry Potter stuff at the moment!
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Does Google perhaps search the thread for topics/main words and post from that? I wonder...
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Yeah I think Google ads do. I've been to five different threads and the ads have matched the topic....

But back to Harry...Only you guys are the only people in the world that I know of that have finished the book. Everyone else I know in real life haven't. Thank god I can talk about it in here freely.

I think Grimmauld Place will be left in Harry who would most likely give it to the Order for use as HQ. Although Sirius may have already made that provision in his will.

I can't believe that there are only two books left!!!!!
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Ok I finally finished it. To much going on to be able to read it straight through nonstop.

Out of all the books so far, I started out not liking this one, and then loved it at the end. I would love for Harry and Snape to come together in the final book and end the Dark Lord's life once and for all. I also love how JK got rid of Malfoy's gang at the end of the book- the idea of oozing slugs just seems to be perfect for these characters.

So will Harry inherit wonderful things now that his Godfather is dead? How can wizards die anyway? Aren't they supposed to be so strong and powerful and magical.

I read somewhere that JK Rowling now has more money than the queen! Good for her- she has awakened an interest that was sleeping in the children of the world for so long and that is reading-

Also wanted to add that I do not believe JK will write Harry out of the prophecy and make it Neville that destroys Voldemort. Just based on the name of her books Harry Potter and she knows (by now) the commercial value of his name, making him the hero, keeping him the hero secures her financial future entirely.
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