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My Four Kitties

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I took these photos yesterday.

Emmy, Fable and Jupey - it's hard to believe that Jupey's the bullying top cat

Fable and Jupey

Fable getting a scritch

Sleepy Meg

Beautiful Meg

Emmy bonkers looking proud

Meg in a box getting ready to be posted according to her dad
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Your babies are all gorgeous, and especially Jupey. Something about those black cats just totally melts my heart.
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They are all gorgeous, and you can tell characters! Have to say little Meg is stunning! In your siggy, she looks black and white!
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I agree Meg is soo cute. She looks like an orange and white someone spilled ink over.
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Another Meg fan here But all your kitties are beautiful.
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Meg really is so adorable! She reminds me of the Bugs Bunny gremlin!
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Thanks all! Meg is beautiful and is getting around brilliantly despite having a missing leg. I honestly didn't want to adopt another cat, yet it turned out we belonged together!

Thank you for the gift Cheylink!
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Their so sweet!!. And Emily looks like my Rosie
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they are all so gorgeous
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That is a GREAT bed Meg has!!!

Love your coffee table .
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Nice cat family you have! I want Meg's bed.
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I love all your cats but that Meg is a heart stealer. What a cutie pie!
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What very pretty kitties!
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Fable reminds me a lot of my "big fat" Squishy cat!
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Thanks all! I love that new bed, I wish they made one in my size!

Yep, Fable's a fatty, he and Emmy are on diets... and I really know about it!!

Meg reminds me of Pacman when she eats, she's such a little character and totally crazy.

Jupey is our only 'normal' shaped cat, he's the fittest and usually the most annoying :P.
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Where did you get BEAUTIFUL Meg's bed? I think my kitties want one of those!

Your babies are so pretty!
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Thank you !

I got the bed from here but you may be able to get it somewhere else:

This shop rocks!!
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