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Question of the Day Sept 26

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Morning All!!

Today's question is this:

Do you have a favorite holiday?

I think mine would have to be Christmas mainly because it is the one holiday that all my family manages to get together.
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mines also christmas

people tend to be happier, and more pleasent

that and i love looking at all the decorations that i wish i could afford hehe
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same feelings here my friend...
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I'm not pickey....I like any holiday that I get paid for, I'm not on call, and can spend cuddled up with the kitties, and don't have to go anywhere!
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I LOVE Easter
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Hmmm, any day off is fine by me. I think I like Thanksgiving the most though because the last few years we've had lovely weather and have made an effort to really go out and enjoy the time off.
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Thanksgiving and Christmas!
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Christmas!. I love the whole build up to it
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I like Halloween. It's time to be creative and have fun with costumes and make up. There is nothing I like better than having an excuse to look crazy...on that day I get to dress the way I always wish I could dress but can't due to societal implications
I don't really care for other holidays. My mom puts a christmas tree and decorations, paints easter eggs and I can never understand why she does it now, I get why she did it when I was a kid, but I feel like now it doesn't matter...I mean I'd never do any of that unless I had kids..
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Normally mine is Christmas (although last year was a massive exception). Hoping Christmas this year is much better!
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lol almost everyone said Christmas!
And yeah, same here, definitely Christmas! It's nice and cold, and there are presents, and best of all, we always make a little birthday cake that says JESUS on the front. And then on Easter we celebrate his return! But by that time, winter is gone, so definitely Christmas.
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I adore Halloween!
The weather, the fun, the colors, scary movies, the decorations, the costumes, haunted houses, ghosts, goblins, I just love it all.
Christmas is a highlight to the year as well, hate the weather, but love the family time and good food and gift giving.
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Christmas for sure.
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add another vote for Christmas.

I love the family time decorating the tree, seeing the looks on my kids faces as they open their pkgs, getting together with extended family (in laws), etc.
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