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quick whisker question

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I don't know if I should post in here or in health and nutrition, but quick question: I found awhile back loose whiskers from Maddie throughout the apartment. Only about four actually through a few months period or so. I asked my vet and he said it's nothing to worry about that sometimes cats lose whiskers, but new ones grow back. Well tonight I noticed that one whisker on her is shorter than the others. Now I know that they are all different lengths, but this one looked like half was missing. It was unlike any of the others. Do you guys think that this is something to worry about? I know it could be any number of things like maybe Tybalt and Maddie were playing and a part of a whisker got pulled off, but what do you all think? Thanks!

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I wouldn't worry about it, she could have broken them off when sticking her head in a small area. As long as they are not intentionally cut off by someone, she will be fine, and they do grow back when they are shed or broken like that.
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I've seen Zoey whiskers occasionally throughout the house.
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It's not unusual for my kitty to have one or two whiskers shorter then the others. I don't know much about losing whiskers though.

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I've found whiskers around the house, for years. I think they shed them, just like any other hairs.
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Ivo often sheds her whiskers-I'll find them under the couch or in the corners of my kitchen. Usually, her whiskers are white, but occasionally I'll notice that one has grown in black. I don't seem to find those around the apartment, however. They must be hiding in some secret location!
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What appear to be whiskers may be eyebrow hairs. The way that Buddy and Rowdy tussle, there are large clumps of Buddyfur, all over my carpet. I'm sure that some of that is whiskers and eyebrows, too.
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