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Still None!

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For all of you who have read the thread before this, we have had our pregnant foster cat, Molly, for exactly a week now. Since we got her I could feel and see the kittens moving around in her. She hasn't really ate much all week, maybe half a cup a day...other than that she's great! Always happy, meowing her head off when you come in. Also, she been nesting for about 6 days now, and over the past few days, she always lying in it, but then she runs out when I come in. Each day I say "Maybe today!" but no luck so far
One other thing, how do you tell if she has milk already?
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I am not sure about the milk, but from how it sounds, it probably won't be too long before she has her kittens. I know that is vague. Sorry. It's not something you can really put a time line on. It soooo hard waiting!
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I trust you're feeding her a high-calorie kitten food. The amount of food you mention doesn't sound like enough.
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Yes, it's special kitten food...we put out a bunch, but she just doesn't seem to eat it...
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Heat it up in the microwave . If it's a dry food, mix with a little water first. They love that!
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