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Nervous Meowmy needs some vibes!

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Ok its 5:30 am and Im nervous...Im up 20 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off...Today is Hercules neutering day!!! Please pass him especially and us some good luck vibes that all goes well today and some driving vibes!!! Ill update you all as soon as we get home this afternoon as to how my fuzzy baby is doing........

*Tyler and Hercules*
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I am sure all will go fine. Males make out a bit easier when it comes to this. My Fetty will go in on Oct 13 for the same thing. Its not too big a deal with males. My males come home ready to eat and act pretty normal the first day. Vibes to you and your buddy!
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I agree ..males usually do very well....I've been thur many many spays/neuters thought the year...and all goes well with the males...To make you feel better
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Good Luck Hercules! All will be well!
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I am offering this to be reassuring.

When Taz (see "My Kitties" at the header) was done years ago, the next day he was tearing arround pestering the two "old girls", Mitzi and Molly, we had, at the time.
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He is up and around like nothing happened...LOL..The only difference is that he is being crazy clingy. He was chewing on my fingers and drooling like a dog! After he first woke up he went a little crazy I guess cuz his back legs hadnt caught up to the rest of him so he couldnt move too well. He slept the whole way down and back up and as soon as I opened his carrier to let him out in the bedroom he went out and was running around like nothing happened....Right now he is in his special spot..AKA the kitchen table laying down. He has a bowl of water up there for him but hes not interested in food yet but in case he has a little there for him. Im so happy that this is finally over and done with and good news is that GiGi has an appt for her spaying on Nov 7th. Thanks for all your vibes Im sure they helped him feel better....Its naptime now for me! LOL..Im beat.
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Awww, good, I am really happy he has recovered so quickly.
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Id say he recovered quickly he just chased GiGi and Franklin down the hallway..LOL..looks like the crew is back to normal but GiGi and Franklin wont stop sniffing his back end like they know he smells funny and something is missing...He wont let me get a good look at his tooshie. I want to see what it looks like and where the insicion and what not is...My poor baby has no hooties anymore..LOL...
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Ive posted some post op pics of Hercules relaxing today in the Fur Pictures area....

Psstt....I also started a thread with pics of Fatman on there too..LOL
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