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My cat had a horrible day (and so did I)!

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Hubby and I had today off work, so we decided to take Striker in for his yearly checkup. We originally adopted Striker (gweeky) from this vet's office as a kitten. Ever since we had him, he has been extremely cautious of people, even us. He doesn't let anyone pick him up, and occasionally he lets us pet him, but he shies away from contact. If I didn't know any better I would say he had been a feral.

About an hour before the vet, we cornered him in the basement to give him a relaxant ( can't get him to the vet any other way - I still have the scar from last years visit). He manage to get away. We spent the next hour looking for him. We could not find him, and we knew he hadn't gotten out. We were feeling goolish when we called the vet to cancel the appointment - I mean, we were foolowed by a 3 year old cat!

We Kept searching for him. We finally found him in the laundrey room portion of out basement, which is partially finished ( the ceiling is open you can see the joyces). He had jumped from the freezer to the very small crawl space between the top of the basement bathroom and the floor of the kitchen above. He was in a space of about 5 inches wide and 6 deep and about 10 feet long. We were concerned as there were nails used in the bathroom that were pushing out the bottom where he was hiding. When we tried to get him that just panic him more and he pushed himeslf further in. We decided to leave him to come out on his own as we didn't want to upset him.

I went in to the laundrey room a few times during the day to talk to him, but I didn't want to get to close - I was hoping that he would come out. About 1/2 an hour ago we heard a pitiful cry coming from the room. He was trying, finally, to get out but was stuck! I felt horrible - it was because of us he was up there.

We tried to reach him with out arms but he was out of reach from both ends. I had to push over a heating vent and then with me on one end and John on the other with a broom pushing his butt he came barreling out and out of sight again - at least this time he isn't stuck. I want to go see if he is ok, but I don't want to panic him anymore . I think if I were to approach him right now he will be terrified.

I am close to tears. I mean, he has to go get his check up. But I think the attempted trip did more harm then good.

I am heartbroken, because I am now sure that any progress we have made with him since last vet trip is now gone. After last years trip, he wouldn't even be in the same room with us. Up until earlier today, he was playing with us and letting us touch him and even occasionally sleeping with me.

This is one of the worst days off I have ever had!
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Oh Ady, I'm sorry to hear that you had such a rough day!

It sounds like you need a big hug right now. I wish I were to to give you one, but I hope that this will do!
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Oh man.. Could you try maybe a mobile vet? One that comes to your house? And you could put him in the bathroom or something before the vet comes over. That's what we have to do with ChiChi
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Sorry you're having a bad day. And Poor kitty. But it's not your fault. You're trying to do everything possible to make the kitty comfy and just like children, we can't protect them all the time from everything. A mobile vet is a great idea!

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Don't worry, he will come around eventually. He was probably sensing your nervousness and reacted to it. as long as he is ok, then I wouldn't be to concerned with it. I understand you being upset though. I'd be upset too even though I know it's what is best for them.
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I agree with the idea of having a mobile vet come to your home, or maybe your regular vet will make a house call. This would really help make the yearly exam less stressful for both you and Striker.
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When I foster feral cats and need to get them to the vet I make cheese ball tranquilizers. You take the pill and cut it in four pieces and put it the middle of a treat. I use velveeta cheese. Make them small so that the cat will swallow it with little or no chewing. Works well for me. I just took a wild child to the vet this week using this method. No blood, no panic just nice sleepy cat!
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Oh, I'm so sorry you're having such a bad day! ((((HUGS)))) I would look into a mobile vet, like everyone else said. Sending don't-be-too-upset vibes to Striker!
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Ugh, it sucks that you and Striker had a hard day today. Maybe try to get some catnip and extra special treats for him. Show him that you love him, and go that extra mile to make him feel extra comfortable.

You're a good mommy please don't think differently. You only have his best interest at heart.
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Adrienne, Im so sorry to hear about your troubles... You shouldn't blame yourself, though. You had nothing but good intentions, and it's nobody's fault your kitty is so sensitive... Im sure he will come around after a while. You should probably prepare a whole bunch of good treats for him (like the ones you sent me! ), and just spoil him to death...

I hope you feel better soon!!
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Ady, sorry to hear about your rough time. Is Striker any better today?
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Aw Ady, I'm so sorry. Hugs to you and scritches to Striker.

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For some weird reason Striker is more affectionate now then before he was stuck up in the ceiling. Maybe he has realized how hard we tried to get him out of there. He is actually let me give him lots of scritches and brushings which he normally hates. He suffered no injury from the ordeal. We will try the tranq cheese ball next time we have to take him somewhere as mobile vets in our area are very expensive - and we would still have to catch him anyway.

We did block off the entry to the ceiling he used so he cannot get back in there!

I still can't believe I was outsmarted by a cat!
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I'm glad everything worked out Ok Mate!

Fancy, being outsmarted by a cat eh. Well, not to worry you sounded to be doing all the correct things

Hugs to you and Hubby & Striker!

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