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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
And maybe people are giving you their opinions because you asked for them? like you did us?
Other than family I've not offered to share my name ideas except for on here. It always seems better to bounce ideas off other TCSers than people in real life for some reason! Usually people ask if I know what I'm having and follow that up by asking if we have a name picked out. I get asked those questions more than when I'm due!

I was on vacation last week and one of our regulars came into my job. A somewhat scruffy older gentleman, a tad rough around the edges; he got all excited because he thought I'd had the baby since I wasn't there. The way my boss told it he was just cute about it. He seemed concerned because he knew I'm not far enough along for that; but I don't think he knows when the baby is due either.
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Ella is my favorite! I've had that named picked out for ages if I ever have a little girl!! (I'm slightly obsessed with Ella Fitzgerald music so that's why lol).

I also love the names Juliana and Hattie!! Whatever you pick though, I'm sure it will be just right for your little one! Congrats!!!

(In a side note though, the last time I worked in a nursery, we had a ton of Sophie's and Emma''s a very popular name at the moment, if you chose those you may have quite a few little girls in her classroom with those names when she starts school.)
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Out of your list, I like Janaya the best.

Oh I have so many names picked out for a girl! I have..two.. for a boy. LOL. I like:

- Payton
- Avery
- Chloe
- Madison
- Amanda
- Bridget
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Anyone who wants to suggest boys names I know someone who's trying to think of one .

We've got one we both like but just can't make up our minds as well as we did with Lucas.

I've got 3/4 months left to think about it but I would like to have one picked out before the poor thing is born!

On the girls name, there has been a battle-royale around here as I REALLY want Sophie but hubby just doesn't like it . Our next dog is going to have to be sophie I think
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I like these the best from your list
Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
[*]Ella -[*]Clara, [*]Emma[*]Sophia[*]Hattie
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I think you should follow your heart and name her after your Grandma.

It's a pretty name and would be a tribute to her.

When people ask just tell them that you have a few in mind but nothing definite. Then change the subject.
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
If Hattie is too old fashioned, you could go with Hallie...

I've always liked Margaret. My gmas name...

Me, too. Of course, I'm somewhat biased, given my username! (It's my MIL's name--Margaret, and my cat is named after her.) I love the Latin meaning of the name: Pearl. My little Margie's coloring reminds me of a grey pearl and a white pearl.
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I liek Janaya and Tressa (in that order.) Also, if she grows up not liking Janaya, she can shorten it the "Jan".
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I like Clara... and it can always be shortened to Clare (or Claire), which I think is even prettier!
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Originally Posted by ut0pia View Post
I never would have thought that Emma was a popular name!!...I thought Britney had to have been to most popular name because I know tons of girls with that name...same with Ashley, probably even more so!
Are different names popular for the different generations?? Sometimes I feel like that has to be the case but I haven't heard this to be confirmed as a fact by anyone
Yeah, I think Britney and Ashley were probably popular in the 80's. Google it.
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