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The Best Virtual cat Pet

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Does anyone know were to get nice virtual cat pets?
Been searching but have not found anything nice..

thank you.
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I like Felix. He's adorable!
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Like we all haven't got enough REAL ones !! Ive just seen a post asking about them, but amazingly i was just about to post this anyway !! Spooky !!

Ive just discovered igoogle where you can add all sorts of things. And on this was a virtual kitty, a silver tabby. It's pretty realistic and i put it on. You can fuss him/her feed them, play with them, and he/she will roll over and play with a toy mouse and everything !! Then i discovered the site itself ! type in Foopets ! I love it !! ( sad i know )
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Hi I was just going to put on a post about the virtual kitty i have found spooky !! Try Foopets Ive got the pretty silver tabby ! I think its great !!
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That is sooooo cute!!! We should all be friends and let our Cats have kittens!
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Yeah !! Ive just got the silver tabby !! Im hoping this post wont get moved, im not sure i put it in the right place ! I should of put a diff title !
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Actually I am not so sure i like it anymore...I really hate online games that advert to be free but you eventually have to end up paying real money to do anything fun. D: I have to buy a breeders license to breed online?

I suppose that means I should just go breed my real cat for free.
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OMG how cute!!!!! I've got a black kitten called Jupiter, I might swap him for the real thing! :P
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I was looking for a link to these virtual pets but couldn't find one.
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Originally Posted by Lorie D. View Post
I was looking for a link to these virtual pets but couldn't find one.

However, it's true that a lot of the stuff you can only buy using foodollars which cost real money.
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Ok, sorry. I didn't think. Never mind
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Just realised you can do surveys for the money, don't know how it works yet.
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The survey's are a scam, I would not recommend that anyone do anything like that for any website that promises their virtual money in return.

Those surveys and such will ask for personal information such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and telephone numbers as well as your address and such. The text ones are especially notorious because they sign you up to recieve some sort of application on your cellphone that you will have to pay for every month.

And good luck cancling anything they sign you up for, the customer service is usually less than friendly and accomodating.
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It's a shame because the cats were really, really cute!
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sorry for posting about it About right for me ! I didn't realise it came with all that trouble. But still, can have it on my igoogle home page and play with it without signing up for anything at all !
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OH I totally forgot about these things!! They used to have an adorable e-card site with all sorts of 'desktop pals' too like Kamikaze cat! There was a dog, santa, elves and lots that weren't PG. They were hilarious!!

That is a very early version of Kamikaze cat, you were later able to tell him to do things that were appropriate to his name (if you catch my drift...).
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Originally Posted by Nekomania
That is sooooo cute!!! We should all be friends and let our Cats have kittens!
LOL! I found this incredibly funny... That is probably the first time someone suggested that on TCS, hopefully, lol.

Meowmix had a virtual cat, I downloaded if from their web site, but it was not that neat.
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