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Destroying any plastic bag she can find

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Pepper is almost 6 months old now and for the last 2 weeks has found a new fascination in plastic bags--ziplocks, the bread bag, chip bags, grocery bags treat bags any bag. It doesn't appear that she is consuming any, maybe teeny tiny bits but nothing in a bag is safe. I'm concerned for her safety but its generally just annoying. We are trying to keep any and all bags put out of reach but is there anyway to curb the behavior?

As a side note, the water bottle doesn't faze her. I did find one thing to stop her from getting on the counters, but I swear she finds bags regardless. The house is absolute chaos right now as we're moving a week from tomorrow.

Any hope? Just lots of prayers she grows out of this? Maybe the move will give her enough to do, explore new places know what I mean?

The other cats love the habit, they've had free catnip this week and free treats all courtesy of their little sister.

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Lily has *finally* outgrown this habit (for the most part) at 4 years of age. I had to keep *everything* shut away - and as soon as groceries came in the door she'd be hovering, waiting for you to look away so she could tear into them.
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I have two that are fascinated with bags and plastic in general. The noisier the better. I've done two things:

All plastic is kept put up or thrown away.
I have a crinkle tube. The plastic loving cats love racing through it.
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This can be adorable as easily as dangerous, even deadly. It is essential that you don't leave any plastic bags, wrappers, caps, anything tempting out for her to get into trouble.
Think about it like this, cause and effect.....She is getting into these items because they are available. If you create a safe, balanced, unprovoked environment, she will not be encouraged to do what is only natural to her and negative behavior to you. Generally using deterrents such as spray bottles never correct the situation because of one simple reason. Suddenly sprayed with a water bottle or squirted by a water gun only shocks them at that moment and this is what they will remember, you squirting them, not why. So every time one pics up the spray bottle, the kitty cringes or hides in fear of you holding the spray bottle. Is this how you would raise your children?
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Thanks for those who offered help.

Wasn't really looking for a critique of my method of using a water bottle, are you a cat behaviorist?

Anyway, we will continue to keep them out of reach.

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We didn't find anything to curb the behavior. At 5 years old, Ming Loy is still after any of it. Gotta keep EVERYTHING in cabinets. Like Nat - no leaving groceries unattended EVER. Total PIA. In fact Ming Loy enjoys plastic of any kind, pretty much. Can't set the headset down anywhere she can reach. At least she hasn't been able to destroy the antenna on the cordless landline phone. We are NOT putting the phone in a cabinet!
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Originally Posted by Jack31 View Post
Anyway, we will continue to keep them out of reach.
Good luck with that. When one of mine tries diving into the freshly brought in groceries I usually clap my hands and tell them out (not just because of the plastic, there's always a cat that heads for the meat ). It usually works, and gives me enough time to put them up, but Tomas likes to argue with me.

Maybe when they ask you at the grocery store "paper or plastic" we should all say paper?

Again, you can try the crinkle tube suggestion. It distracts mine, and they love it. Wal-mart and Target carry slightly larger and cheaper ones than Petsmart and Petco do. There are also crinkle caves for those with less space.
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We often use paper. Problem is Ming Loy loves paper bags as much as plastic bags. It's just she has no desire to eat the paper - just play in it. Of course grocery paper bags have yummy plastic bags to eat inside of them. We always have a paper bag down on the floor for her, and we also have the crinkle tube. Just gotta be quick with the grocery bags.
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Thanks for the additional suggestions. She hasn't seemed to destroy grocery bags now that I really think about it--she does play in them. Hubby and I keep telling her she is a devil in kitten clothing.

Once we move it will be a little easier to contain things as well--like I said the house is in such chaos right now.

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