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Cat Wet food Question

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Does anyone know if they make kitten wet food? Do you know if they offer weight control in wet food? I looked at the store, but couldn't find anything...
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Personally I have never seen wet food specifically for kittens, however there is wet food specialized for weight problems, as well as sensitive digestive cats etc. Places like wal mart don't carry them. But if you go to a ..lets say Petco, or your vet you'd be able to find them. I bet somewhere there is wet food just for kittens too.
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I have seen tinned kitten food....pricey though at 1.79 for a bitty tin.
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Kitten canned food is usually in those smaller 3 oz cans which are pricey compared to the size and price.

I would get adult canned foods and have dry kitten food on the side. You can always warm up the canned food from the fridge (I normally just add hot water and stir to warm up leftover canned food in the fridge).
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Some wet foods are labelled wt control but if you compare them to the adult it is NOT a big difference... Are you trying to lower fat?
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Well Tiger is ahem... hefty. I'm trying to get him to lose weight. He seems to really like wet food better than dry food so I was trying to figure out what to feed him. And we just found a kitten.. she seems to like wet food much better than dry food and I was concerned if she ate adult wet food she wouldn't get the nutrition that she needed that is in kitten food... is that correct??
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Personally I wouldn't use wieght control wet foods as even they tend to be higher in carbs than regular wet.

However wet is the way to go for wieght loss (and for any cat in general)!

I really don't think there is much of a differance between kitten and adult wet food. Try get the highest quality that fits your budget and I think it would be fine.
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Is he currently feed 50 wet 50 dry??

on ave dry has double the calories oz for oz to wet ...

Wet kitten would be great for a little girl starting out... dry is convenient and easy and cheap NOT really the best for a cat ... wet is way closer to natural diet

I would tell you to take the time to compare brands and adult vs kitten .... Or look for cans that the AFFCO statement is for growth and maintence or all life stages
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Iams and Fancy Feast both have canned kitten foods.

I've seen the Iams kitten at Hannaford supermarkets, and the Fancy Feast kitten at Walmart.
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Some canned Friskies is for cats & kittens.
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Thanks so much everyone! I'm going to look at Petsmart or somewhere like that tomorrow.

Psst... I don't know if anyone has a Publix around where they live, but if you do.. they have a sale for 10 fancy feast cans of wet cat food for $5.00.
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The Authority brand kitten food is really good and reasonably priced to. No by products and my kitten gobbles it down... although he gobbles down everything that's put in front of his face
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