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Bad flea reaction!!

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Oh was I scared!! My cat is sensitive to even one flea....but besides running and twitching as in the past, this time she also panted and zombied out.I took her to the vet, but right after the episode I put Advantage on her and flea combed her and dosed her with Rescue Remedy. By the time we got there she was better. The vet said that he has seen cats sooo sensitive that if you touch where they were bitten or where they scratched have gone into a seizure! We are back home and she is laying in the other room panting, hope it was just because of a ride and visit to the vet, and I hope she calms down real soon. Linda
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Oh boy, that sounds bad! Poor kitty, hope she feels better!
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One of my cats has a variety of bad allergies. He is allergic to fleas, dog dander (yes...dogs!!!), grass, mildew, and two types of mold.

Becuase he was having so many problems with allergies, we had his blood tested to determine what was causing the problem (which is how I know exactly what he is allergic to) and then the lab worked up a syrum to inject him with to treat the allergies. This is the exact same thing we do with humans who have bad allergies. I am pleased to say that Chester is allergy free and hasn't had more than one week of the itchies this year!!!
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Warm fuzzies for your kitty. Fleas are horrible.
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