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Marlow and Sasha; Friends?

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Video of Marlow with Sasha over Laborday This is when I felt they were starting to get along. Not much action in the second minute. I'll video them again this weekend. Wait till you see the difference.
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Hey Digger - looks to me like they are PLAYING through that screen... they know it's there, too, by how they handle themselves. That's great!!!
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Yes I agree. It is a very friendly wrestling and chase they are trying to do through the French window....NOT any shadow of aggression. They do truly enjoy each others company - although on different sides of the window. Im not sure I have seen such earlier.

They are already good pals.
The only remaining question is, how they will react when they meet in person, and thus feel the different scents. Scents are important for cats.

But dont worry too much. In worst case, you can always use the vanilla trick.
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And when you first came to this site, you didn't think this was possible. They'll be inside playing together by Christmas, if not earlier.

Nicely done!!
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I was hoping to post a very friendly, cooperative play session like the one we had Friday night. This is what happened instead. The screen is pulled loose all along the bottom of the door and Sasha reached out and smacked Marlow. Maybe with some claws. Marlow took exception and swung back. ( may be my imagination too) Anyway, this is how play went Saturday morning at dawn.

They've both settled down today. Becky was sitting just outside the door with Marlow tonight when Sasha reached through and smacked Marlow some more. Becky reports no claws were present. She said Marlow just gave her a "mom, make him quit hittin' me" look. These two are just like little boys on a playground.
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I didn't see any real aggression in your last video. Seriously, if these 2 cats didn't like each other, the screen would have been ripped out and you would be cleaning up blood. Batting each other is a normal response when they are getting to know each other. And think about it - they are actually touching each other thru the screen.

I saw your video of Sasha at the water bowl earlier and that cat has the massive tail swing. And that was repeated even more so in this video. His ears are up and alert, but not laid back in anger. And Marlow looks so mellow!

I would not take this as a bad sign.
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I agree with Momofmany. Neither I see any aggression here. The play is somewhat different from the first video, but it is still a typical rough play between friends.
Your say yourself Becky (your daughter?) was near but didnt saw any claw. See!?

My two cats do often playfight like this. Usually one sits onside upstairs the climbing tree, the other is under, and they hit each other vigourously, one upwards one downwards, tails furiously swinging back and forth. They had not ever get hurt from this, althought their nails arent not always cut properly...

Your cats friendship is deeper and deeper.

EDIT I dont have sound on this old junk-computer I do use now. Thus, I dont hear the screams you others tells about. But as said: I do see theiri movements, their body language. And this is nonaggressive play. Very friendly play on video nr 2. A more rough play in nr 2 - of exactly the same type as I see between my own boys. Much punches and slaps, but never any scratches...
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This looks like rough "boy" play... tho' girls can get rough, too. Is Sasha normally vocal?

I have fosters who scream when they are play fighting. You would swear that the other cat is killing them. They they turn around and POUNCE on their fight partner.
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Those videos are too cute! I don't see any aggression either. In the 2nd one, it looks to me like Sasha's anxious to actually wrestle - and let Marlow know who's boss. But that is SO normal for kitty play fighting! Our kitties bat and roll around with each other. We used to get up and run whenever we heard Ming Loy screaming her "death cry" - but now we know she's usually the instigator and half the time she jumped one of the other cats - and they just looked at her funny.
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Thanks for the feedback. The responses are what I had hoped to hear.

Breaking news: This morning I failed to latch that screen door when I went out to feed Marlow. I grew anxious when I saw the opened door. I assumed Sasha had gone out and chased Marlow away like he did the last time (months ago). Instead, the two were just sitting there, just outside the door, looking at each other.

I guess now we'll invite Marlow in to Sasha's domain and see how it goes.
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Ah - the true test - how does Sasha feel about it in his territory? Seems like you've been doing the long slow intro - and I'm with Amy. I'm betting Marlow's inside - but I'm guessing before Halloween!
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This is so cute! What wonderful videos! They are going to be best friends in the end.
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addressing questions in this thread:
StefanZ; Beckey is my wife for 24 yrs.
AddieBee; Sasha is not usually that vocal. Normally he has a single, sweet meow. A contented chirp when he knows we're heading for the food jar. (he knows the f-word, FOOD) and he has a sharp, "feed me" meow. He has been very vocal since we opened the glass door when the weather turned nice. We have decided he wants Marlow to come near the door so he calls for him.
He's in the kitchen calling now. I think I'll try to record him.
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