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I recently adopted an 8 week old male kitten from my vet. He had 4 siblings but no mama, was raised by a Labrador Retriever. Other than kneading a lot (which doesn't bother me), he is pretty well - adjusted for not having a mother cat to show him how to do things. The only thing he has shown is an aversion to using the box.
Now, I know that this is a common problem with young kittens, but the circumstances are a little weird. He uses his box about 85% of the time (100% of the time to poop), but when he doesn't, he always pees in the same place - the place where I feed him!
I have had him confined in a small room since he came home a week ago, only letting him out of it for a few minutes. But every time after I let him out, he pees in a corner that is about 5 feet from the litter box - it's where I feed him, where his bed is, where his toys are.
I started out with World's Best cat litter, then switched to Kitten Attract 2 days ago. He uses it just fine when he's confined in this small room, but when I let him in the living room, he will pee in that same spot. When I clean it, I use Anti - Icky - Poo. I tried putting aluminum foil on it (which he thinks is a toy). I also tried lemon potpourri. He is not neutered yet, and won't be for at least 3 months, due to the contract with the rescue agency.
I have a LitterMaid, and I noticed that when it goes off, he jumps and walks over and sniffs it while it's working. I don't know if he's curious, or afraid. A little advice would be helpful!