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Rosie, Sophie and Jack!!!

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Especially for my babies fans!!

Get the treat box out Mum!

Rosie has a shoe fetish incase you didn't know?. I always take my shoes off when i come in incase of germs, but these ones were brought downstairs because i was going out
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Who's that gorgeous girl?!. Oh it's me!!!!!!

She reminds me of the actor in the film Oliver....."Please Sir, i want some more!"

Jack and some serious t.v. watching

Don't disturb a boy and his hobby!

This was taken with the lights out in bed, and Jack lies close to me like this most nights that i can hardly move
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Playing with the Cat Dancer

A bite on the leg for Jack then the wrestling started straight after

Rosie and her shadow, aka Jack

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cute cats!
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Awwww, they're all looking wonderful!!
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They're all gorgeous but I'm going to have to run off with Rosie!
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Especially for my babies fans!!
I think everyone on TCS loves your cats Susan. I am especially fond of, the never at a loss for words, Rosie.
Jack's TV watching is also quite interesting. None of my cats are very enthused about TV.
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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals View Post
Jack's TV watching is also quite interesting.
When the Cats Protection brought him home, she placed the carrier down and opened the lid where he jumped out straight away. He stood and looked in amazement at the t.v. which was on at the time, and his fosterer said that it's the first time he'd seen one as Jack and his siblings had been kept in a room of their own. So since that day he's loved it
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Awwwwwww! Rosie's pictures always make my day, such a gorgeous girl!

Loving Jack and Sophie's piccies also, keep 'em coming!
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WOOHOO! Rosie &Sophie & Jack! Love them, especially Miss Talky, Rosie!
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I just love your babies Susan Rosie always makes me laugh! What a chatterbox

You have such a nice (and clean) house btw!
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I your cats! They are so plump and happy looking
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You have the cutest kitty family. Rosie cracks me up every time. Her sweet little face was a great giggle after a crappy, rainy day.
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Gorgeous shoes Susan.
Rosie agrees.

Sophie is so beautiful and Jack...
there are no words to describe how adorable he looks, asleep on on "his" bed.
I just want to kiss his sweet tummy.

We love your babies.
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"Mom can we get a dog?"
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Too cute!! Your furbabies are deffinately on my list of TCS Kitties I'd love to meet!
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Susan - you should write a cartoon strip with these guys - they are just such characters!!! Love love love them!
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I love to see you furkids. Rosie always has something to say. Sophie is such a sweetheart, and Jack cracks me up
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Every time, never fails, I bust out laughing! You should look up the most pictures ever taken with a kitties mouth open, Rosie could be Guinness World Record!
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Yay! Pictures of Miss Rosie, Miss Sophie, and Mister Jack. I love seeing them.
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It's been way too long, Susan. I was suffering from withdrawal. Rosie is a cutie chatterbox as usual. Jack has grown up into such a big and handsome boy. As for Miss Sophie, what can I say but that she is an absolute doll and still my favorite of your babies? More pics!
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I love your handsome babies!

You have quiet the crew, such personalities!
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I was just thinking the day before yesterday that we needed a new round of photos of Rosie and the gang!
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lovely photos as always

love theone of jack lying asleep, hes got a gorgeous tummy that you just want to tickle
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
"Mom can we get a dog?"

That was an RSPCA program he was watching

I always make sure i tell them just how much their loved here by you all
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Its my Rosie!! I just love her! I love that pic of Jack all stretched out, makes me want to rub his tummy. And miss Sophie is as adorable as ever!! Thanks for sharing!!
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Gorgeous pics as always, Jack's coat looks beautiful
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lol, Rosie pictures ALWAYS crack me up!! And Sophie and Jack are gorgeous of course!!
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I think we need a Rosie fan club!
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too cute!
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