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blind in one eye?

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I took my Sophie to the vet today because I noticed that the pupil of her left eye wasn't dilating as much as the right one was. The vet confirmed this, and after a couple of basic tests, stated that it looks like she is blind or very vision-impaired in the left eye. He is stumped as to a cause as she seems to otherwise be in perfect health. I'm taking her back in on Monday so he can do some bloodwork and give her a more in-depth eye exam.

I was wondering if anyone else has experinced something like this with their kitty, or knows of anything that could cause this?
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I don't have a kitty with this problem, but I can try to help. How old is she, and how long has this been a problem?
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I have one that was recently diagnosed with this problem. Karma is the sweetest cat (now) but when she showed up she was so feral it was hard to get close to her. She has always had a *funny* eye, lately it has gotten worse, so I took her in. She was declared blind in one eye and will probably have to have it removed down the road. Right now they are managing it with ointment and antibiotic. But she is just fine with it and the vet said it can stay cold for many many years before exploding and getting hot and have to be removed. So here's hoping. The vet said that early on there was some sort of trauma to the eye and it healed on its own, just not quite right.
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Sophie will be a year old in August. I only noticed the difference in pupil size while I was playing with her on Sunday. We were in a bright room, otherwise I might not have noticed. It doesn't seem to bother her any, and we haven't noticed any change in behavior / habits. She hasn't experienced any trauma that we are aware of.

She has never been one for jumping up onto things that are higher than a foot or two from the ground, and most of the time has to climb the bedspread to get up onto the bed. She's rather petite, so we always assumed she was just too little to do so. However, the vet says that this could indicate that she has always had trouble with that eye. Lack of depth perception and all. Good thing she's an indoor cat, I guess.
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Because of her age, I would assume that it was a birth defect. However, if your vet is doing bloodwork you will be sure that it's not something like diabetes causing it. Usually any of the health causes for something like this will show up when the bloodwork comes back. I hope it's nothing serious.
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