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Build a web page for YOUR cat!

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I'm so thrilled!

The Cat Pages will be officialy launched tomorow, but you can already access them and start using them at:


Please don't be shy - visit the site and create a web page for your cat. All you need to do is fill in your name, email and location (no address is required!), and choose a password. Then tell some things about your cay and finally upload your cat's photos (from your computer, directly to the site!) and voila! Your cat will have a web page all of her/his own!

If you have more than one cat - go ahead and make a web page for each one of your cats!

Everyday, I will put one of your cats, as our special cat of the day (at least every weekday - can't promise anything about the weekends, but I'll do my best )

Please try it out and tell me what you think!

By the way, if you don't have a digitized photo of your cat, you can still make a cat web page (you'll have a drawing of a cat there instead of the photo). You can always use your password to log-in and make changes and additions later on!

You don't have to make a cat page, you can just pop in and have a look at other people's cat pages.

I really need your feedback on this one! Any comments or questions are welcome here!
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That sounds great!!! I did have my friend take a photo of Merlin with her digital camera, but she hasn't e-mailed it back to me yet...

As for my other cats, I will have to get some film for my regular camera, then when i get them developed, I can chose to have them put onto a disk, and download them onto my computer. That would be a good idea for some of you, who like me, have no digital camera!

It may be awhile....but I will get pics of all my cats online sooner or later!!

Thanks Anne!!
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How about the rest of you????

I can't wait to see those sweet little kitties of yours! There are already 4 cat pages, but only my Mishmish's is with her photos

Come on! The first cat photo to be uploaded today will probably be tomorow's "cat of the day" on the main page!
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Awwww! I just visited the pages and they are so sweet! I would love to put up a page there, but I have a question...I create digital art, mainly of Siamese cats, but also of others, and have three I would love to display. Can I do that? Would you all enjoy seeing my work that way?

I suppose I should have taken the time to more properly introduce myself, forgive me, I can be a pushy broad at times. *smile*

My name is Gaye, I'm 41 and I live in Ashland, Virginia along with Maury, my husband and Matt, my 16 year-old stepson. I have the distinct honor of being owned by my baby-boy "Buttons", a 3 year-old gray van neuter mush bucket. He was adopted when my neighbor was going to take him to the Shelter due to the fact that Buttons is the shedding-est (is that a word??) cat I have ever seen in my entire life and had taken up residence in her husband's fishing boat. So, he came over to my house, and as soon as the cold weather hit, I opened the door for him (he wouldn't come inside before then and freaked out totally if I forced him to BE inside) and in he came. He's become quite the gentleman of leisure, and has adapted to indoor living quite nicely. In fact, now he freaks out totally if I even open the door anywhere near him! *smile*

I hope to be establishing my cattery (I am awaiting acceptance by PREOSSIA) within the next 12 to 24 months to breed Traditional Siamese cats in the four basic colors points. I chose PREOSSIA because of their very high breeder's standards. It really is a shame that the Traditionals are declining in number - I hope to be a part of their revitalization. If anyone here is interesting in finding out more about PREOSSIA, their web address is http://www.oldstylesiamese.com/index.html

I also like to write short stories that feature a pair of naughty Siamese kittens, and short stories based on real-life experiences.

There's probably more *smile* but this has been long enuff! Thanks for letting me bend your ear, I look forward to getting to know y'all.

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Oh Gaye!!!! We are soooo glad you have joined us!!!!

I am sure you have many interesting stories to tell, and your cats sound adorable!!!!

Nice to meet you!!!!
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Hey, I'd love to see your digital art work! I love playing around with Photoshop, though I'm not sure it comes out very artistic

Here's my masterpiece:


It took a lot of hard work but was real fun to make...

As for putting your creations on the cat pages. Well, as long as you make a page for a particular cat (or more pages for more cats) and the photos show the cat somehow, I guess that would be great!

You can upload up to 3 photos in each cat page (only they must be less than 30k each). So you can put some "real photos" and some of your kitty artwork. Just make sure you fill in the forms, so that the writing in the cat page will come out fine.

I'm really enjoying your posts Gaye and I hope you'll stick around! Can't wait to hear about how your cattery is coming along.

So glad to have you here!
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It's nice to meet you Gaye. As for the cat pages, I would do a page for everyone in the family, but if anyone wants to see them, they can go to my site. It would take up an awful lot of space putting..(after this weekend) in 11 cats. I am anxious to see everyones kitties!!
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Oh Sandie, please feel free to have all 11 cat pages! You could start out with 1 ot 2. Not enough pages with pics yet...
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Gosh, y'all! What a great welcome! Thanks!

Debby, I tend to write just like I speak, so being brief isn't one of my strong points. *smile* I just hope my silliness won't bore you all to tears! I have one I can copy and paste here...*grin* I'll have to scare that up and post it soon.

Ann, thanks for the vote of encouragement. I looked at your graphic and all I can say is WOW! You have me beat hands down on talent! Photoshop is also what I use, and it has taken me the better part of 6 years just to do what little I can do! What a massive application! I have deep respect for anyone who can use it well.

Sandie, I think what I might do is create a small display page for my art on my site. I could then place a link to that in my profile here...that would work. Most of the images I have are real high-resolution JPGS anyway and don't meet the 30K criteria Ann mentioned here anyway.

Again, thanks for the warm welcome! I look forward to hanging around!


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Glad you liked my snooker ball... I really don't think much of it in terms of art. It's all technical stuff I picked up from tutorials on the net really. I guess I'm not bad at making software work, but trust me, I have very little art skills...

Check out today's cat - Angelica the Sphynx. She's the third cat with a picture in the cat page.


Please make more cat pages with pics everyone! I can't wait to hit that "show cats" button and get dozens of sweet cat pics!
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Take a look at Linda's handsome Vashin:


Isn't he awesome?
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Okay, it took me about 1.5 hours, but I got all 10 cats in there. I have #11 to do yet as we just brought her home this weekend. As soon as I get a good picture of her,(today) I will upload her. I still have to give her a name.
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They're georgeous!
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I just went and looked at all your cat pages!!
How adorable they all are!!!! I will have to get busy and take some pictures of mine!!! (wish I had a digital camera it would be so much faster than waiting for the film to be developed onto a disk....

sigh....maybe for my birthday
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Okay my very last kitty is there. Thank you for all the wondeful comments on the rest of them!!
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I made a web page for one of my cats last night and when I tried to upload her picture I got an error message. Syntax error I think. I know the pictures were in jpg format and less than 30k. What am I doing wrong?

By the way, I just love this site! It's nearly 4:00 AM and I just can't seem to tear myself away.

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Hi Terri!

So glad you liked my site! As for the cat pages - I checked this with the guy that wrote that application (I'm not that talented myself ). Turns out there's a 20 minutes limit per session, which means that once you start making your cat's web page you need to complete the whole thing within 20 minutes.

I asked him to change that to 30 minutes, as I guess 20 maybe too little to write about your cat and find the right photos. I hope he changes that in a few days.

In the meantime, you can either try doing that in 20 minutes or emailing me with the photos and I'll upload them for you.

Thanks for making a cat page - I just love seeing everyone's kitties! There are more than 60 cat pages already!
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I just tried again to upload my pictures and this is what the message said:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error 80040e14 {Microsoft}{ODBC Microsoft Access Driver} Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression 'owner_id='/cat3.asp, line 6

What does this mean?
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