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Just got a new kitty and I'm concerned! please help

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He is about 8-9 weeks old and his owners said he was already eating dry food.

Well since I've bought him home he has not ate or gone to the restroom. Is that normal? I've tried to feed him by hand and I've introduced him to the litter box but he still wont eat or go. I've also given him water with my finger for him to drink and hes poked his head into the bowl a couple of times.
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How long have you had him?

It`s sometimes hard for cats to adjust to a new environment and common for them to not want to eat or drink right away (and if nothing is going in, nothing comes out).

Are you feeding him the same food they were?

I would try a little wet food warmed up in the microwave (watch out, it smells!!!) that will usually tempt even the most reluctant taste buds. If he is very nervous of you, try leaving him in a room alone with his supper.
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Just a warning. When you microwave wet food it only takes a few seconds to get hot. Make sure you stir it well and check the temp by touching it.
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I just got him last night. They were giving him Friskies for kitty but when I petco they didnt have any so I got Kitten Chow for now. They were already closing so it was an in and out thing.
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I only do 5-10 seconds with wet food.

If you`ve only got dry food mix it with enough water to cover. Microwave 60 seconds, stir & mash, then an addition 30-60 seconds to get it nice and soft. Pour in enough cold water to cool (it will be VERY hot) and mix. Yummy!

Well if it was only last night I wouldn`t worry too much, but he should start eating and drinking soon. Watch out for signs of dehydration! Listless behaviour or irregular breathing.

You`ll want to lift the corner of his lips and check the colour of his gums. They should be healthy and pink. If you press lightly the should quickly change from white to pink where you pushed.

Also if you lift a little skin it should immediately settle back down not tent (or stay sticking up).

If you notice dehydration you should take him to the vet for some fluids, kittens can fade quite quickly.

It sounds like he`s just a little bewildered by the new home. I`d warm up some food & see how that goes.

Best of luck! Keep us updated.
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oh and they said I hadn't tried giving him wet food yet so I havent either
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There isn`t really a difference between wet & dry food other then one is wet & one is dry. It will be fine to give him a wet food. It may upset his tummy a little just because it`s different, but if you choose a good quality food that`s shouldn`t be too much of an issue .

I`d be surprised if he`s NEVER had wet food - thats usually what you start kittens on.

If you`re really worried there is nothing wrong with priming his appetite with a little deli meat or other snacks .
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okay thank you

I will keep you updated.
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well he finally used his litter box to go number 1

in a bit im going to try to feed him wet food
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Well if he has to pee he must be drinking . I bet he just took a sip while you weren't looking, but that's fantastic!

for him settling into him new home!!

How about some pictures??
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yeah hes settled in now! eating, drinking, etc. I posted pictures of him in this thread....

thanks everyone for ur help!
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