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Book Recommendation - The Dragon Whisperer

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Hey folks, I love, love, love this book! If you like dragon tales, this features some of the best descriptions of riding dragons I've ever seen in a fantasy book.

It has a rather engaging young lady as the main character..enough so that I stayed up all night reading this once it arrived!

I am fortunate to be an email acquaintance of the author, who resides in Scotland..please take a look - it's on amazon (uk), author's name is Lucinda Hare.
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Seems prettie interesting...
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Originally Posted by CoolCat View Post
Seems prettie interesting...
Thank you for posting...was beginning to think I'd started yet another thread that no one was going to post in..and that's a darn shame. I love books! and this one, is darn good
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Oh, I have to look that one up! I love fantasy and dragons but find most of the books/series just too confusing. And the fact that the author has the same last name as I is too cool.
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Our library here doesn't seem to have it. But I'll keep watching for it.
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I love dragons and reading so I looked it up on amazon - it's got some good reviews so far! I'll have to wait for the paperback but it's definitely something I'd read!
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