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I have two great cats, very personable. One, Sarah, is extremely lively and hyper. I was wondering if anyone has experience with such a cat. She loves to be with me and follow me, see what I'm doing, everything. But, one of two strokes or one hug and already she is squirming like mad to be set free to run and play. Do they ever calm down with age to be cuddly?
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I should also mention that she is just over 1 year old now.
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Sounds exactly like my Zoey
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Some cats just don't like to be held. So, my bet is that he will mellow with age, but whether he will turn into a lap cat is a question only time will tell!
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Mine are pretty frisky still, they love to play. They are still young, my kitties want to go all the time. As they get older, around 5 or 6 years, maybe even 7yrs should settle down more.
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Mine is the same way, all squirmy if we try to hold her. She can be deadly with the back claws and has nailed me a few times with them. Fortunately she's quite gentle with the front ones. But I wonder, what if we really need to restrain her for some reason like for the vet or simply for a quick inspection of her ears or teeth at home or something stuck in her fur. If it's all a game to her and she always manages to squirm away, isn't that teaching her she can get the upper hand and not have to sit quietly for any reason? Isn't there some way to teach them that at times they must be quiet even if it's only for a few minutes? I certainly wouldn't tolerate such behavior from the horse, she could really hurt someone if she didn't want to be held quietly for the vet or farrier or her daily care. I feel it's no different for a cat or a dog, except that the cats are more agile and have the addition of claws to fight back with.

I don't want my cat to be a little push button kitty, but I really do worry that if I absolutely had to restrain her, it would turn into an outright war. Any thoughts?
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