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Is anyone planning to see

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the new version of the movie FAME? I sort of want to. Wonder if it'll be as good as the original? Anyone else want to see it?
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I do want to see it but I most likely won't
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That's one of those movies that I will probably watch, but not until it comes on cable for free, or maybe the $1 movie rental box

There are very, very few movies I will pay $8 to go watch.
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I was wondering about this movie. It's got Kay Pannabaker (sp), she's been in a whole bunch of Disney Channel movies/sitcoms. If I remember correctly- the original was an R- so I was wondering just what would happen. Since lots of kids- ages 8 and up LOVE anything that's on Disney.

So I was excited when I found out it was PG. Both kids play musical instruments, my oldest in particular eats, sleeps and breathes orchestra
But neither seems too interested to see it. Maybe we'll rent it when it comes out in video. I'd like to see it though.

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