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Question of the Day - September 25th Friday

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For those of you who have facebook accounts, do you play the games provided by facebook? Do you have a favorite game?

I do play the games and I've become addicted to Mafia Wars and Farmville.
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Bejeweled 2 is my favorite....
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Farm Ville & Farm Town....

Love the Ugly Duckie of the Farm Ville...
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None of the games like Mafia Wars/Farmtown, but like Susan, I will play bejeweled.

I'm more into the surveys and such.
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I used to love farmtown I've reached level 34 so not much to do. Now I'm hooked on vampire wars and mafia wars
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I read over their TOS and they seemed reasonable. I'm waiting for Facebook to change it's third-party-application privacy rules (there was some hub-bub up here about it) before I sign up for any more games.
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Mafia Wars, Farkle, Cute Cats, Bejeweled, Speed Racing and Kighthood
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I have a FB account but only log on about once per month.
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I play Farmtown, YoVille, Vampire Wars, (a Wizard game lol) and Sorority Life (I mostly play SL )
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I play Farm Town. FarmVille, Treasure Mania. Bejeweled
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I don't do any of the games like Farmville or Mafia Wars even though I signed up for them I jsut have the time to devote to learning them. I jsut recently discovered Bejeweled tho and that is fun. I also play Who has the Biggest Brain and a couple word games
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Nope! I was into Farm Town but stopped accepting requests for that and the other games. The apps seem to slow down my computers speed, plus I don't want to be the one person in the office responsible for slowing down the network .

I like Bejeweled and Mahjong on yahoo though
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New Farmtown addict!! Hope the come up with a support group soon
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I have a FB account. The only game I play is Lexulous -- for anyone who hasn't encountered it, it's much like Scrabble. I resolutely avoid any others, since I already spend as much time as I can afford there.
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I don't do the games, they irritate me
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Yes! I'm addicted to Farmville. I've also recently started playing Fish World as well.
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Out of the 49 members of my family on Facebook, 22 of them are addicted to Farmville, Farmtown or Barn Buddies .....those games drive me crazy!

I only sign on there to update my status and read everyone else's.
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I'm on face book but I just don't see the attraction to the games and such.

It seems like every time I click on something like a game or a quiz I get a pop up either asking me to sign up or agree to share my information with the world. And I don't want to share.

So I just check in once or twice a day and read up on what my friends have posted. The only good thing I see is that I get to see everyone's pictures. I very seldom get to see them in person so this is a nice thing.
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No games.
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I love the applications/games!

I play Farmville, MyZoo, Island Paradise (like Farmville but an island), and just recently started playing Fish World. I also like Farkle and Yacht.

I started playing Mafia Wars, but just didn't get it. So I kinda stopped.
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I play the game like collapse.
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I used to play Farmtown, then I got tired of it so don't play anymore.
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I have dial up, so games are not an option, LOL.

I can play TCS games, it takes a little bit for them to load, but not as long as FB games, haha.
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