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Daily Thread TGIF Sept 25th

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Well, it's my little brothers birthday today..he is not so little. He is turning 21

I am pretty annoyed right now actually because DH thinks he can leave his alarm clock on for 10 minutes while I try to sleep. OMG.

So, anyway, its supposed to be sunny and nice today although chilly...but as long as no snow I am good.

You all have a good one..
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TGIF indeed.

I'm glad this week is almost over.

Although I am hesitating to make any "plans" for the weekend, I am thinking of going to the drive-in one night with DH to have some quality time together either tonight or tomorrow, but prolly not tonight.

I spoke too soon bout my back pain going away.... I had a couple spasms yesterday I'm trying to take it easy, but yesterday I was feeling good so I was on my feet for 2hrs doing light work, and near the end of it it started spasming again

I have physio today, going to ask him if he gave check out my back.

Thats bout it today.... Clear and cool weatherwise.

Happy Friday everyone.
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Well good afternoon everyone

It's a bit over cast in sunny England today, ive done nearly all my housework then im going over to my mams becasue my dad is taking my brothers to one of his workmates leaving do's, i'm also supposed to have a plumber here today to do all my bathroom which he wont get done.

My mam and I are actually taking bets to what time he will turn up if at all hes he kindly forgot about needing to come last week!

Oh well i think thats about it

Hope everyone has a great day
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Happy Friday everyone!

It is my birthday today...turning 25.
I have no idea what I am doing yet,as I had a bunch of plans and now everything is mixed up...haha.

It is cloudy and grey out right now,but were sposed to get sun in the afternoon.
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Nat my DH did the same thing but he left the room.
DH is home today. Yesterday was his birthday. It was a hectic day. I got into a screaming match with someone at the stores. She blocked the handicap ramp and I had the stroller. She then had the nerve to yell at me for being in the fire lane and not the sidewalk. I ran into an old neighbor and found out her granddaughter has leukemia I then had to run to the bank to fill out a fraud form. The day ended with a beautiful cake I made for DH.

Hopefully today is relaxing and on the boring side. Tomorrow we are going to my MIL's for a birthday dinner.
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Morning All!!

Sunny but cool here this morning.

Pretty weary today so don't plan on doing much more the resting.

Still not feeling all that hot from my little excursion to the hospital..

Hopefully a couple days R&R will have me back to my old self.

The kitties are good, having some treats right now, they have been following me around constantly since I got home yesterday..

Everyone have a great day.
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Sunny very windy and cool sure feelsl like fall.Had to turn the furnace on to warm the house up. Going to Wally World later on today..
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Good Morning all! Its going to be another hot one today. I have only two classes today, but I have to go to the barn in between them. . I work tonight from 6pm-midnight . Then tomorrow I have work again. Im already tired thinking about it!! I hope everyone has a great day!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I am pretty annoyed right now actually because DH thinks he can leave his alarm clock on for 10 minutes while I try to sleep. OMG.

Mine does that too!!!

And he gets up at 6:30ish every morning, but he'll start his alarms from 5:30 and set them to go off every 15 then 10 then 5 minutes until he gets his lazy butt out of bed . I learned to sleep through it but lately I've been sleeping SO lightly it gets me right up and he gets KICKED until he gets up and turns them off.

I'm glad he was up this morning though because I had a "heart-burn attack" (if such a thing exists) were at about 6:20 this morning I suddenly got stabbing pains running through my back. It was fun! I'm so glad hubby was there to give me a rub until the tums kicked it. I'm not used to dealing with heart-burn since I only get it when I'm pregnant but I get it BADLY. I guess it's just time for the 3rd trimester, I'll have to ask my doc for a prescription next week.

Now I'm just watching Tasha & Miss Kitty RACE all over the house. It's hilarious because M.K. really isn't very playful but there is something in the air today because she's wrestling Tasha and chasing her everywhere .

Thankfully my son is over his fever, hubby is on his new meds for the pox, but Kayla is in heat now I'm on doggy-diaper duty .
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What a sad week it's been with our beloved Miss Kitty passing. I'm ready for the weekend. I have two tests next week and Accounting homework due Sunday. Ugh... what was I thinking of trying to go back to school? Haha... I'll manage... Stress Stress Stress though!
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