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Little Girl Spayed Today-Advice?

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Hi, have been a daily visitor since I got my little girl, Lily, the week of Easter, but have not posted much. Looking for some advice for care of my precious girl after her spaying. She had the procedure yesterday, June 19th in the morning, and is home now. She seems a little out of it, slow and sleepy. I've been trying to keep her from picking at the stitches and doing a pretty good job so far. I think she gets tired of me moving her mouth away from it and just gives up and goes to sleep. Really was looking for any advice or consoling during this time cause I hate to see her have any pain or discomfort. Just cause I wanted to make her happy today, gave her junk food-Whiskas, which I hate giving her, but she liked it and ate a bit and then went to sleep. Thanks for your help and will post some pics of her this weekend.
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See if you can get an E collar from the vet to keep her from chewing her stitches. Other than that spoil her rotten!
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Not really any advice since its been years since I had my Sassy spayed. Now I have 3 boys and Sassy. But 2 of the boys are the baby kittens I rescued and now am trying to nurse one back to health from feline distemper. The first one to get sick got over it in a couple of days, but Scrappy the runt of the litter has had a touch and go time of it. I'm still not sure that he will pull out of it, but I'm more hopeful now. We lost their brother to the disease this past Monday after only a few hours of him being sick. Scrappy is in his 5th day and we're all keeping our fingers crossed.

I wish you all the luck in the world with your baby. I know how precious they are. I'm sure she will do fine. It's usually us that have the problems with them being sick and in pain. I've lost more hours sleep this week, staying up with Scrappy and nursing him the best that I can. But if he pulls out of it, it will have been worth all the time and expense. Just be there and love her and the rest will take care of itself. Best of luck.

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My cat Bailey was spayed on a Wednesday morning, I picked her up first thing Thursday morning, and she was pretty unhappy for the first day. (Although she did eat a whole tin of food at the vets, and another one when I got her home). She rested pretty much the first day home, was walking around the second and by day 4 or 5 was back to normal, jumping up on her chair to sleep, although I was still extremely careful when I handled her. She did pick at her stitches a bit after about a week, I think that's when they were getting itchy.

So if you are through the first day post surgery with her, you should probably see daily improvements in her.

Of course I still called my vet a couple of times before our scheduled 10 day post op appointment.
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How is your Lily doing today? If she is drinking and eating, there should be no major concern of her. Both of my cats are spayed and neutered. My MowMow wore a collar to keep her from licking the wound. My GuaiGuai was too small to wear the collar at the time, so the vet gave me a cream, which is bitter to taste, to put around the wound. That stopped him from licking, too.
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She is doing amazingly well. Eating and drinking and even wanting to play a bit, but I am discouraging any running, jumping rough and tumble play for now. She is content to rest on the couch with her blanket and sleep for a couple hours at a time. Checked out her stitches and they look good. Thanks for the info, my little girl is on her way to her old self and can't wait to get outside for some of our supervised playtime in the great outdoors.
Thanks again.
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Yay!! I'm glad she's recouperating well.
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