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Heres my meow meows!

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Hello everyone, I'm new here, so i'd like to introduce everyone to my two cats. Sophie and Sammy. Sophie is a mixture of siamese (oh no i spelled that wrong!) and maine coon cat. shes chubby with little crossed sky blue eyes I just love her so much. Shes very vocal I call her squeek n' beeps a lot because shes always making little sounds all you have to do is look at her and she will beep at you haha. My other cat Sammy is a very handsome tuxedo cat. He is my first cat ever, and completely has my heart. Hes just amazingly lovey and smart. He rolls over like a dog and lets everyone pet his belly. Anyways I could go on and on about my cats, but instead ill just post some pictures!

I hope those pictures work! Thanks for reading,

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Your kitties are beautiful. Welcome to TCS
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What pretty kitties!
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First, I would like to say we have a few similar things in common.
One: I have tuxes too! Aren't they the best?
Two: My name is Laura also.
Three: I live in NE too! Massachusetts. How far up Maine do you live? I have dreams of moving to the border of Canada and Maine.
Four: I named a kitten I found Sophie (its one of my fav cat names)

That all being said you cats are super cute. I would love to see a head on shot of Sophie when you can. She looks very distinctive.

But I can see how Sammy has your heart, he looks so sweet. What are their purrsonalities like? Feel free to go on and on about your cats here! Its the one place where you can not feel embarrassed by how you love every little thing that they do.
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Your cats are very cute! Welcome to the boards.
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Awww! Welcome to TCS! I have a foster boy - part Snowshoe - who speaks that meepy-squeaky cat language! He turns it up a notch when he wants food or some love!!
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Beautiful kitties!!
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Aw, both Sammy and Sophie are so cute. Welcome!
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