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Wedding present (cuteness warning)

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Meet Speedy. He is my wedding present from my husband. Since we lost 'Bastian the day after we got married, my husband had Speedy held for me and we brought him home last week. He got his name because he's the fastest little kitty we have ever had. He's fearless of the big boys but still has to sleep in the bathroom at night because he's too little to be out safely by himself. So, here's Speedy!

He's got a little bit of wet food on his nose here

This was taken just a few minutes ago in one of his few quiet moments.
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He looks a lot like a cat that once belonged to one of my wife's cousins. His name was "Speedy Bigmouth." Very accurate name!

I hope yours is as big a character as her Speedy was.
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Congrats! He is gonna be one super handsome adult cat! I love tuxies!
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Aww what a cutie! Tuxedo cats are awesome! Ok I might be saying that because one of my cats is a tux hehe. Thank you for sharing pictures of your new baby!
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He is a cute little boy. sounds like he's going to be keep you busy
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Speedy Bigmouth would fit him perfectly, we just did a quick run to the vets for his second tapeworm meds and boy! can he shout about being in the car.
Poor guy has had a rough life. His momma was killed by a coyote, luckily his litter was on property owned by cat people, they took in the litter, bottle fed them till they were old enough for new homes, got them wormed (hook and pin) and free of fleas. He's gotten his first shots with us and now been dosed twice for tapeworm (I've seen the segments *shudder*) so he's on his way to a long healthy spoiled life. He eats RC babycat he also gets canned pate style mixed with water so I know he's getting enough water. He's a total character already. He's got NO fear of the big boys, if he had his way he'd be out with them all the time, but he's just too little yet.

This is my first tuxie since my parents had a DLH tuxie when I was a little girl.
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What a wonderful wedding present! He's so cute! Way to go, Badgeygirl's DH!
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Oh my, he was orphaned and hand raised? I have 3 of those in my household. They are sometimes not entirely normal in very endearing ways. You'll see.

Beautiful boy!!
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Aw, Speedy is a doll-baby. Good on your hubby for saving him and giving him to you for your wedding present!
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What a wonderful wedding gift. Speedy is adorable.
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Totally awesome wedding gift! You definitely married the right guy, LOL

Speedy is sooo sweet, I love his boots.
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Speedy is darling! what a great wedding present and how thoughtful of your DH to get him for you.
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He's adorable!!!
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Speedy is adorable and I've always loved that name!
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We just discovered something, if you look at his eyes, one of them has the pupil dilated more than the other. The vet says he's totally blind in that eye. He suspects that Speedy was injured when his mom was killed by the coyote. It doesn't seem to bother him at all. He's in no pain and get around just fine so now he's Speedy the pirate, we may get him an eye patch for Halloween
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