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Scrappy Update!

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I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic but I feel like jumping up and down! I don't want to get my hopes up but I think Scrappy may just be coming out of this! He had another bout of diarrhea earlier today after we got back from the vet and I gave him some childrens Kaopectate diluted with Pedialyte. So far he hasn't had the diarrhea or vomited, but he's wanting to eat now. He actually ate a few little kibbles of his kitten chow and is up walking around and meowing. Scooter did the same thing when he recovered from his bout with it, and now you'd never know he had been sick. I know he had a much milder form of it but he was still a pretty sick little fella. Scrappy goes back to the vet in the morning for more fluids but I'm hoping that he won't need them, or at least not as much as before. Gosh I'm hoping I can start to breathe a little easier now. Scooter is really trying to keep me from make this readable! He keeps walking on my keyboard and trying to get the mouse pointer on the screen. He's turning into a real computer genius! Well will keep you up on what's going on. Just pray that Scrappy's progress isn't some sort of fluke and that the trend keeps up!!

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Mary that's great! Hurray Scrapy!!!
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Go Scrappy!! Keeping the get-well vibes coming to you!
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Thanks Teresa, I just hope I'm not jumping the gun.....He just did a little more diarrhea but not as much or as smelly as before and he hasn't thrown up since earlier today. (Geeze the things we talk about......) He's winding around my feet and wanting attention too. He ate a very few kibbles earlier and I gave him a tiny bit of ensure diluted with pedialyte. If he keeps it down, then I'll try a little more with him, but I'm torn about the diarrhea. One the one hand, he's getting rid of some of the infection in his intestines, but then on the other hand, he's losing fluid at the same time. I'm really torn about whether or not to give him a tiny bit more Kaopectate. I can't help but be excited about what I think is an improvement, but yet I'm a little afraid that its just a freak thing..........what's a mother to do??????
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thanks a million, but I'm still the reply to Dragon tells a little more...right now am on my way to clean the cat box AGAIN!!
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Can you give him some plain yogurt? Tillie is on antibiotics, and I was told by the vet that plain yogurt helps with diarrhea, and she also mentioned that feeding Tender Vittles seems to have a binding effect on cats. He may be too young for the cat food, I'm not sure...
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I just had to take the kibble food bowl away from him! He was eating it like there was no tomorrow! If he can keep it down, then I'll give him more later. Right now I'm sending my hubby to the store for yogurt and tender vittles. Now that I think about it, the enzymes in the yogurt is helpful to people with stomach upsets, so it would follow that the kitties would get benefit out of it too. Thanks Thanks Thanks! I'm really beginning to think we can beat this thing!
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Hope your kitty continues to improve, sounds like your doing everything possible for his recovery and doing a great job too!
Hope he gets better soon!!!
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Mary that's great news! It sounds like Scrappy was given the right name! Give Scrappy a kiss for me.

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So happy! It sounds like Scrappy is indeed starting to feel better. You are such a good mommy!! More "get well" vibes are coming his way from Missouri!

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I'm so happy Scrappy seems to be getting better! I'll be keeping him in my thoughts.
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Mary, I am so so so happy to hear that Srappy is doing so well and by all accounts if his appetite iscoming back then there's everything to hope for!!

As a side note...well done you, for bringing him through this, attentive is too small a word...

lots and lots of healing hugzzzzzzzz from all here!
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I can't say how happy I am.... I got up a little bit ago, after finally getting more sleep and when I checked on him, he was pacing up and down the bathroom, meowing his head off wanting to come out. He had pottied twice since I went to bed, both were still diarrhea but MUCH smaller in volume and not near so smelly!! And NO vomiting.....I think his brother Scooter must sense it because he's been all over me, my keyboard, desk, & everywhere else, just going bananas!! I think it's finally almost over!!! I can't tell all of you how much we have appreciated your prayers, good wishes and support. It's been invaluable and has kept my morale up and kept me going. I told my husband last night I can't help but miss Gateway and wish there was more I could have done. I keep thinking that if I had known he was so critical when I went to bed, I'd have sat up with him and did everything I could to help him. He was so loving and I'll miss him stretching his little head up so I could scratch it, and how he arched his back when I scratched it. He just ate that up.....*sigh* It still hurts......So now I have to concentrate on bringing my li'l Scrapper back comepletely and try to put some meat on his bones. THANK GOD they won't have to endure this deadly disease ever again!!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.....Got a vet appt. this morning and will let you know what he says.

Huge hugs,
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That is WONDERFUL news, and I hope everything continues to go well for Scrappy!!!
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We just finished our vet visit. He says Scrappy is getting better but he's still a sick kitty. He is a very cautious vet and just won't come out and say that he's definately getting over this. But I know from how he's acting and he's having the same behavior that Scooter did when he started getting better. Dr. says he will call me tomorrow for a report. He gave him a little more fluid and another antibiotic shot. He said that after my visit yesterday he had to go to the emergency room with a heart attack! Just his little attempt at humor, getting back at me for being so stressed out and as he says, me giving him stress! Will keep you all posted.
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Good luck,

I'm so glad things are getting better, fingers and toes crossed over here!
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That's great news! I hope he continues to improve.
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Will remain cautiously optimistic from this corner. One thing is certain Scrappy could not have a better, caring owner!
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It definitely sounds like he's making progress. Hope he's all better very soon. Keep us updated.
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Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let everyone know that Scrappy is doing great! Since he was the most scardest (is that a word???)and wildest of my ferals, him being sick really helped to calm him down, from all the handling of him I had to do. Although I guess its true what I've heard, that ferals tend to bond with one person and I must be it! He's still pretty leary of my husband, I'm hoping that he will eventually come around. I'd have much rather have tamed him down without him being sick and almost dying though. That's one experience I don't ever want to go through again, or any of my babies either. Just wanted to send a pic of him taken this morning. He was sitting at my feet so the angle isn't all that great. But he's doing fantastic, thanks to all the prayers and great kitty vibes you all sent our way. So a huge thanks to all of you, once again.

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That is great!

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Sending hugs to you and Scrappy! Congratulations!

And my hat is off to you for the wonderful job you did nursing these kittens back to health.
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You all have been really super. I was so stressed out I didn't know which end was up and really needed the encouragement and best wishes. I told Sicycat the other day that my Whiskers looks like her Zoey but I just took a close look at your babies, Sue, and your Polly and my Whiskers could be twins..... He was another of my "throw-away" babies. Just showed up in our garage one morning before work about 6 weeks old,and he's been here ever since. 4 yrs now. All 20+ lbs. of him.....
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Mary, I'm so happy Scrappy is doing so much better! He looks really good in the picture you posted. What a handsome little guy. (Whiskers is also quite a cutie! )
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This is great news and I will merge this into your other thread so people can get the happy update!
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