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I knew Id find this pic..Disclaimer to be read before picture shown!

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But a little while ago there was something posted in a topic area about being interrupted while going potty....I knew I had a picture somewhere of Gidget playing in her daddys pants while going potty...*Yes we take dumb pictures that are extremely embarrassing to ourselves* However Ive been on a search threw the phone to find this picture upload it and post it so everyone could get a good laugh..FYI: There is NOTHING GRAPHIC about this picture the worst you see is some hairy legs some socks and pants around the ankles.....However I shall say this now..Noone get mad this is just for a laugh for us to all see that we all have goofy cats that give us the perfect opportunity to embarrass ourselves and them. I hope you all laugh as hard as I did when I saw this picture and I hope noone is offended....And I hope BF doesnt find out Im posting this..LOL!!!!

Gidget playing in daddys pants while hes trying to have his alone time...

This being shown as I said before I hope noone is offended and I hope you laugh at this because its funny..Atleast to me!
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I have to show this one to hubby when he gets up from his nap
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We have a "pants nest" cat too, who does the exact same thing... and a "bum nest" cat who will curl up right in the crack of your bum and go to sleep, if you are laying on your tummy (fully clothed, of course, jeez, would that ever be uncomfortable if you were not clothed... yeek). We call them "pants nest" and "bum nest" when they do these things. He'll climb into a pile of pants while you are wearing them, or right after you've taken them off, still warm & cozy. LOL

This is not offensive, in my opinion. It's funny.
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Well I was worried after what happened when I posted the video of Fatman drinking out of the potty...I mean I understand why people worry its a toilet I know what goes in there..But either way I had to delete the video because people got mad...I thought it was funny but to others it was offensive..Hence the disclaimer with this photo...Im glad you guys find it funny because when I got the picture text at work with this photo I DIED laughing had tears in my eyes because GiGi LOVEEEESSS her daddy and stalks him around the house even during potty and shower time...I have holes in my shower curtain from her jumping up and clinging to it while he was showering
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Miss Kitty is really funny normally she NEVER sleeps in my lap but when I was pregnant with Lucas she would always curl up on my tummy and purr & purr & purr. She's doing the same one with the new babe, plus she's CONSTANTLY stealing my computer chair & just generally being allot more cuddly.

She's the only pet in the family that's even noticed I'm pregnant!
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Another member had a pic like that as her avatar so no worries. One of my foster boys does that -- IF I let him in the bathroom.
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Ha. That is funny. There are a few other pants' nesters out there.
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I think most of us can relate - when my cats see me headed for the "alone time place", they usually beat me there.
And, I thought once my (human) children were grown and out of the house that I could once again have my "alone time" ... nope, not if you have cats.

If I am able to get the door closed before they get there, they beat on the door, start to fight with each other, or, sometimes, manage to get the door open and stroll right in.

No privacy with cats.
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You mean you actually try to close the door on them?
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post

You mean you actually try to close the door on them?
I know, I'm a bad, bad mommy!
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our dogs do the same thing and we're puppy-sitting so now I have 3 BIG dogs trying to cram into my tiny bathroom. Plus we're potty training so my son gets a very ETHUSIASTIC "Lets go potty!" and the parade of dogs follows...
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I have a pic of my girls doing the same thing in DH panks when they were little
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That's hilarious!
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We have TWO of those! Gus crawls in DH's pants in the bathroom and Finn likes to try to sit on my lap while I'm on the toilet.
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