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Parakeets, anyone?

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So...I may be bringing home a parakeet this weekend (or before that if I can get off my butt to get things done, but, really how likely is that ?!) from work. I'm excited, but also a little concerned as the last time I had parakeets in my care was not a positive experience. But, I think that was situational and I'm trying to let go of some of the fear so that I can enjoy the preparation and waiting. After all, in just a few days, if all goes well, my new little addition will be home with me.

I think I've posted before that I work for PetSmart. Well, often times, we take animals in from individuals who can no longer care for them. Usually it is because the animal is ill or the family decides they cannot properly care for their pet within the 14 day "trial" period. However, we occasionally take in animals because, well, we love them and want to find the best possible home for them. And this little parakeet's story is just like that. She (I am 95.5% sure she is a she ) came to us about 6 months ago after her owner purchased another bird that was "cuter, sweeter, and more fun." Their words, not mine . The owner came in to the store to see if we would take back the bird, but when the associate said no (only the manager is able to make a decision like that one and the associate did say that she would call the manager and then let the owner know the decision), she threatened that she would just walk out the front door, open the door to the cage, and then let the parakeet fly out. And, so, the associate took the parakeet and the cage in the isolation room. Not five minutes later, the owner came back and insisted that she be given her cage back because she wanted to purchase yet another parakeet . Well, needless to say, she got her cage back but was denied the sale. And that's how our little blue and white parakeet came to be our PetSmart mascot.

"Keet" has been living at the store for nearly half a year (long before I began working there) and has always been a happy-go-lucky bird. Typically, we adopt out animals that come in through similar situations for free with only an adoption application to fill out and an interview process to go through. That being said, it's usually the employees that adopt these animals (many are special needs) since they've grown attached to them and genuinely enjoy taking care of them on a day-to-day basis. But our store doesn't have many employees that are bird people and the ones we do have are already at capacity. But then there's me. I have a cockatiel presently and have had parakeets in the past along with finches, love birds, and a canary. I wasn't necessarily looking for a parakeet or another bird, but since "Keet" has been showing signs of being depressed (she's been to the vet and all potential health issues have been ruled out) I'm thinking now is the time to add her to my family. I filled out my application last Saturday, was interviewed on Monday, and told that she was mine on Tuesday. I'm excited for both myself and my new little parakeet, but, as I shared earlier, I'm also a bit nervous.

Before I adopted my cockatiel, I had had parakeets. I'd had them in the past and they were fun, little birds. You wouldn't believe the personality they can pack into those little bodies ! I'd always enjoyed caring for them and they were a pleasure to have. But, my last pair were very sickly and it was both time-consuming and heart-breaking. I adopted them from a local shelter after they'd been brought in during a humane investigation. They were in poor shape when they arrived at the shelter, but were deemed healthy by the time I adopted them nearly 6 months later. They were about 2 and 3 years old respectively and seemed healthy at first, but then things just went downhill. They began getting infections, going off their seed, and losing weight. And as they got sicker, they became more and more aggressive. Still, I never gave up on them and I did love them dearly. I took them to vets that prescribed everything under the sun, I kept them warm, I gave them their antibiotics and medication, and provided the best care that I could (and that they would allow). But, they never got well and within 3 months of my having adopted them, they both passed on . When they passed away, I was heartbroken -- I never forgave myself and kept thinking there was more that I could've done. But, more than $1,000.00 dollars later and vet visits galore (including second opinions, third opinions, consults, and ER vet visits), there was nothing I could've done differently. I gave them my all and they had my heart (which was more than they had been previously given by anyone), but I couldn't save them and that hurt me deep into my core. And, while I've accepted the situation, grieved, and moved on, I'm afraid that my experience with my new parakeet will mirror that of the past. In short, I'm scared to love again for fear that I'll be hurt once more.

But, my new little parakeet is coming home. I'll be bringing her home either tomorrow or Saturday after work. I'm in the process of getting her cage ready as well as all of the supplies I'll need together. I'll be keeping her in one of the bedrooms temporarily until I can ensure that she can safely be around the cats. They do well with my cockatiel so I'm certain there won't be an issue, but, in this situation, it's better safe than sorry. I'm moving past my fear and trying to stay positive and thrive on the excitement, but sometimes it's difficult. She's such a sweetie and I'm already attached to her -- losing her would be traumatic. However, I'm willing to sit with the anxiety and just trust. She needs a new home and I can provide a loving, forever home for her. And, really, that's all that matters...

Oh, before I forget, I'll tell you a bit about her since I don't have any pictures yet. She is blue and white, just over a year old, and as sweet as can be! She has a lovely little songbird voice and is a chirpy, cheeky little thing ! She is a tiny girl, but has a BIG personality. In short, she's perfect and I can't wait to bring her home and spoil her rotten! And, I also can't wait to share pictures with all of you. But, first, she needs a name. We call her "Keet" at the store, but the name doesn't really suit her and she doesn't know or respond to it. Any suggestions (I tend to like human names for animals, but that's not the end-all, be-all of pet naming)? I was thinking, maybe, Skyler? I don't know. I definitely need help .

Okay, so now that I've gotten all of this out in the open I'm feeling way more excited than scared. I'm bringing a new baby home this weekend! Yay!
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It's wonderful you're bringing her home! I'm sure she'll be happy, too! Please keep us posted. I've never had a bird, but used to feed a pair of cardinals when I lived with my parents. One day, I was walking about a half block from their house, and heard something up in the trees. The cardinals had followed me, or at least found me. I love birds.
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I haven't really had time to update any of my current threads, but I'm here now. Let's just say that it's been a busy (and very stressful) couple of weeks...

But, that all being said, I did finally bring my parakeet home this past Saturday night. And she's doing very well. In fact, she's doing far better than I'd expected -- especially since she's not even been with me in my home for even 48 hours. But, she's settling in well and has perked up considerably from the depressed parakeet she was at PetSmart. And, I'm in love with her already . All of the fear and trepidation I had about bringing her home has dissipated and that fear has now turned to excitement and pure joy.

Right now, she (actually, she has a name -- Sklyer ) is set up in the spare bedroom so that she has a chance to acclimate to her new home without the stressors of the dogs, the kitties, and even of my other bird, a cockatiel named Duncan. She is in a smaller, temporary cage that I picked up for her at work and she's already being spoiled something terrible! Her cage is totally decked out -- a bunch of perches, about a zillion new toys, millet, seed and pellets, and fresh water. She even has a little swing that she loves to perch on as well as a mirror that she likes to admire herself in . She's been chattering up a storm and is already used to her new routine. She has been eating well, drinking well, and eliminating well. Basically, she's perfect and I couldn't imagine my experience being any better.

I took Skyler to the vet this afternoon for her first check-up and she was given a clean bill of health. And, despite the uncertainty about her gender, she is in fact a she . So, after about 10-14 days in "isolation" I think she'll be good to go as far as introductions are concerned. I know both my cockatiel and Skyler know about one another as they spend a lot of their day calling to one another, but I want to take some extra precautions before having Skyler go into her permanent cage next to her new big brother, Duncan.

In short, she's a joy to have around and I'm grateful that I was willing to move through my fear. If I hadn't, I'd be missing out on a lot of happiness. And, not to mention, that I'd be missing out on giving a beautiful parakeet a second chance at love and life.

Oh, and don't worry, there will be pics. I just need to get my camera's software onto my new laptop and have some free time to do a photo shoot. But, trust me, she's well worth the wait!
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She sounds sweet! I hope she and Duncan are fast friends.
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