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New cat troubles

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Hello everyone.

I'm having a few problems with a cat that will be staying with me for a few weeks while her owner is in Mexico. This might be a little long winded but I'm at my wits end with this situation.

About two weeks ago, my fiance's sister's cat was sort of dropped off at our home with out any warning whatsoever. They brought us her,and her belongings and told us we needed to watch her while they were in Mexico.

The problem we are having with her is that we already have a cat and the 2 are not getting along. We kept the sister's cat in a spare room and tried feed each cat near the door to try to get them used to being around each other. After about 3 days we let her out and allowed them to have their first meeting. They just sat across the room from one another and growled and hissed and most other meetings have been the same way, other then the 2 times that our cat managed to swat the sisters cat.

What is really starting to worry me though is that the sisters cat has throw up a couple times and has started to poop outside of her box. It's been fairly stressful for us and I know it must be stressful for them. I would love it if we could have them at least be in the same room with out the growling and hissing and I really hope we could find a way to relive the stress for the 2 cats.

A little background on the two cats, My cat (Mem) is a 2 year old spayed female. The sister's cat (Tav) is a 11 year old female and I don't know if she has been spayed or not.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It appears that Tav will be staying with us for several weeks and I would love it we could get these two ladies to get along to some degree.

Thank you for your time.
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Keep doing what you are doing and give them time.

Feed near each other but not able to touch one another.

Monitor them when they are loose in the house.

Do NOT scold either cat if they hiss or growl, they must do this to decide their pecking order. If you scold them, you make it worse because you make them more nervous and upset. Give each one love and attention.

Pet one of them, then rub your hand (gently) on the other cat's face to transfer scent. And vice versa.

Try to act as normal as possible, go about your daily routine like normal, be calm, be yourself. Routine is very imortant for cats. Keep an eye on the cats at all times but act like you are not.

I'm sure others will have more advice, but this is off the top of my head. Good luck! This is done all the time, it's not as bad as it seems at first. Cats are dramatic, give it time.
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Thank you for the advice.

I'll keep working at it and I'll have to give the petting their faces thing a try.
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Not only getting the new kitty's scent on your hand but what about having her in your lap and getting her scent actually on you and your clothes.

Now go give a bunch of love to your cat and pretty soon they will have to accept each other.

Feliway spray might help as well to calm them down. The spray isn't spelled right as I can't seem to remember the proper spelling right now but that's close.

Good Luck!

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