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Daily Thread Thurs Sept 24th

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Morning peeps!

It's going to be sunny today but not warm really...well 18 degrees so a little warm.

Off to work in a bit..I think Josh is going to see Donald Trump speak tonight. He is in the city for an economic talk.

I will be watching Grey's Anatomy!!! Can't wait! Yay new season!

Anyhoo, you have a great day folks!
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Same weather here....

Tonight is indeed an awesome tv night.... CSI, Grays Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, etc. Yup, some of em are going to have to be taped.

My headache is finally gone Now to get rid of the med induced fogginess from the muscle relaxers and other abnormal meds I've had to take. Lots of water to drink today and flush out my system.

I have a feeling that my back will be hurting for a while but at least its not spasming anymore.

and it is almost Friday
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Just over an hour to go then i go home to see the babies

I'll crack on with my housework as soon as i get in, put a load in the washing machine, light my candle tarts, then that's me set for the weekend

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Another day in a long week. The weather's pretty nice here - sunny and a bit cool, but work has been insane. This evening is my friend's birthday party, though so it'll be nice to get out a bit. After our hunting lesson yesterday, the cats have been a bit looney - typical running and bouncing, but just on a larger scale.

Anyway, off to work again. Hopefully today's not too crazy.
Have a great day everyone
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Got alot of my work done yesterday, bad sleep last night (30 degrees all night, felt like 40 in our air-conditioner-less house), feeling very tired this morning. Lots of laundry to do today, but mostly, I get to rest.

Waiting for a phone call telling me someone got engaged, that was the plan last night but still no phone call. We'll see. Maybe he chickened out?

Tomorrow is payday and I can't wait to go grocery shopping, because I made six new cloth shopping bags this week in various colors & styles, very cute. Our family has been making a big attempt to transition more GREEN lately.

I am going to need a nap today. LOL
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Not much planned for today.We are having a whole new septic system installed day 2 of the work. What a mess they have had to even dig up some of my gardens and ornamental trees. So i'm sitting here looking out the window at a big mess...
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I'm a bit miffed today as I thought it was going to be nice and sunny. It had finally cleared up last night and the forecast was good! For someone who works outside, such things mean a lot. Oh well, onto another day. At least it's not -25!
Looking forward to a new episode of Supernatural tonight. Me and DH fairly recently got into this show. There are a few returning and new shows I'm looking forward to this Fall.
Have a good day everyone!
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Nice day on tap for us today. Supposed to be mostly sunny with a high of ~85. That's about 10 degrees above the average high for this time of year and warmer than most of the days in August. Still, a pretty pleasant day. From the look of things, we have cooler weather moving in next week, so I'll enjoy the late summer-like weather while it lasts.

I'll be working all day today. Mostly writing some journal articles and then analyzing some data for my advisor so that he can put it in the year end report. I'll be going to the gym after work and probably getting home pretty late. I may end up taking the day off tomorrow though, so that will certainly make up for it.
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Here is why I got no sleep last night:

Well I was up really late with Lucas because he had a bad fever (103 with med, yikes!) he slept pretty well though & the fever broke sometime after 4:30am. He's back up to his normal antics this morning!

Ok then Shelley (the pup we're puppysitting) treed a raccoon around midnight so I had to listen to it outside my window for 1/2 hour (not a happy coon!).

Then I hear something that sounds larger then a raccoon moving around about 1am, I figure it just the raccoon being loud... then it mooed. My neighbour's cows were out beside our house (second time in a year). So Hubby & I are out there in the dark because it was cloudy & we never have flashlights WITH batteries, trying to make sure the cows are really out before we wake him up. There were 3 cows out munching away on the grass.

It's really lucky we saw them because we have idiots who zoom down our road at 100km-140km/hr (it's an 80) in the middle of the morning. I don't want to think what would have happened if they hit a 1/2 ton heffer!!

Got the farmer out of bed to come herd them back in, they were at it for about 10 minutes before my dumb dogs figured out what was going on and started barking their heads off . Great guard dogs I have!!!

Oh so got NO sleep last night.

Thankfully Shelly did NOT puke this morning (she's been sick) so it looks like she's over her problems.

However, my husband came home with spots all over his chest last night and it looks like he's got Shingles again (got them last year, same time) so we're headed to the doctors in about 45 minutes.

So right now I'm getting ready to go have a shower.

Hope everyone is having an easier day then me!!
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^That sounds like a crazy night! Im sorry you got no sleep! to get through the day! I feel like I didnt ...although I know i did.

I have one class today!! Then to the barn, hopefully I force myself to really ride Scotch....i have been bad and will ride my horse Joe a good amount and Scotch (not really my horse but i am the only one who rides/takes care of him) for about half the time I rode Joe lol. But it is hot, going to be around 100 again. Then I am hoping to go to a movie with my cousin before dinner, my uncle from Alabama is here for his high school reunion, I usually only see him at christmas I hope everyone has a great day!
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It was one WILD night!!

Everyone got a pass from the doctor, hubby's got his meds & both my boys are having a nap. I'd love to join them but someone's got to get this house in order!

Wish I could go out to ride my pony only 3 more month though, gotta keep telling myself that! (like I'm going to ride RIGHT after the babe is born , but it makes me feel better!)
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Afternoon All!!

Well I am back after a interesting few hours.

I began to experience very weird symptoms yesterday morning just as I was heading out for the day. Have to say they scared the you know what out of me and I ended up in the hospital overnight.

Long story short it was cased by a severe potassium deficiency. I have had some blood issue's over the years and this was just another I guess.

Anyway I kind of feel I was in a fight with a vampire I have so many pinpricks and holes in my body.

Needless to say, I am fine now, have been treated and released with a whole list of do's and don'ts

The kitties were sure happy to seem me when I got home...
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