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Questions about Revolution

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Does anyone know if Revolution (selamectin) treats parasites like the Demodex mite? The website says it's for fleas, ear mites, heartworms, roundworms and hookworms. The vet is pushing me to try it for my cat's itching and scratching problem of the head, face, neck, and back of ears. He thinks he could possibly have that Demodex mite or some sort of parasite other than fleas and ear mites that Revolution would take care of. He said I could try a tube for free so it's not like I'd be losing any money if it didn't work. But I don't like giving my cat something that enters the bloodstream if he doesn't need it.
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It isn't going to help demodex mite or mange. Does the vet know your kitten has mange? Do he do a skin scrape?

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He did a skin scraping but didn't see anything. I've been researching mange and my cat doesn't have the symptoms. He has hair and whisker loss, but that's from scratching. Otherwise, his skin and fur looks normal. I think the vet wants to rule out parasites but I told him I'm sure my cat doesn't have any. My cats are indoor only and were checked for parasites before coming into the house. None of the other cats are having this itching problem.

But if Revolution doesn't treat the Demodex mite or mange, it seems like the vet would know that. Not unless Revolution treats it in dogs and he just assumed it was the same for cats.

Is Revolution safe for cats that might have kidney problems?
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I would see another vet. If he is the only one having the itching/scratching then I would think its more likely an allergy rather than a parasite. I would think they would all have it if it was. Just my 2 cents
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
I would see another vet. If he is the only one having the itching/scratching then I would think its more likely an allergy rather than a parasite.
I was thinking the same thing. Allergies.
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Revolution may work well on mites, bumps & no see em's. I bought a new cat tree from a pet store. The cat tree's were up next to the ceiling. I saw a couple parakeet's roosting on a tree & flying around. I took the tree home. 3 days later I had kittens scratching their ears. Little bumps on ears & base of ear. They were looseing hair along the edges of their ears. Everyday another kitten was getting it. The vet did 4 scrapeings. Nothing. She checked them all with a black light, nothing. She did a culture, nothing. She & I were both convinced it was some type of mites, mange mites ?. I put Revolution on them. They were 8 weeks old. I repeated the Revolution in 2 weeks. After 10 days the bumps had disappeared, & no more bumps. The hair fall off where the bumps had been, but grew back, only a lighter color. Just to be on the safe side, I gave those kittens a 3rd dose of Revolution, one month later.

I took the cat tree outside, & sprayed it with premise spray. Let it dry outside, & sprayed it again. In the future all cat furniature will be sprayed prior to bringing into the house. I still wonder if it wasn't some sort of bird mite.

I treated the queen also, even though she had no symptoms. Prior litters had been bug free, no bumps or funky ears. Following this episode her next litter of kittens were getting funky ears at 4 weeks. I used an off label dip on the ears only. A product which used to be labeled for cats/dogs for fleas/ticks/mites. I just used a cotton ball & soaked their ears. That cured it. I don't want to put the name of the dip on here. My vet showed it to me in a older vet manual. I had used the dip on my dogs for years, before the FDA removed the pet label. It still is used on vegtables & fruit trees.

I finally sold the queen as a pet, becuase I did not want to deal with any more funky ears. She had to be carrying whatever mite it was. No other cats caught it from her, only her kittens.

Revolution is expensive. I like it as a general anti-bug prevention. I buy it from Canada Vet at about half price. Ivermectin is similar & takes care of mites in cats & dogs. You can find the doseing on the internet. A breeder friendly vet will tell you the doseing.
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It's very rare for cats to have mites/mange/etc. Definitely sounds more like allergies to me. And if it's a flea allergy (sometimes all it take is one flea for a cats skin allergies to go nuts), then revolution will help immensely.

Sounds like your vet is the "Well, cats are just little dogs" type.... I agree with the above posters and would consider switching.
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