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help! kitten has started peeing in my bed!!

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have a 10 week old kitten who i got at 8 weeks, so far up until a couple days ago she has been using her litter tray to do her buisness , im upset now as she has just peed all over my bed grrrrrrrr
a couple of days ago she did a small patch but wasnt sure if it waas her or not so let it go as i have a small chi who could have done it, now i know its her as i saw her just now. im so bummed as it reeks i i dont know why shes doing it?? the door was open for her to go out. her litter tray is downstairs bedroom is upstairs. I dont get it. hope she wont unlitter train!!!! i dont know what the best thing i should use to clean so it doesnt smell anymore i bought some lemon scented flash spray which ive been using thinking it would deter her but she did it AGAIN this morning grrr.and its seems top be early in the morning around 6-7 am .
Shes been using the litter tray as well.
I do clean it out every day taking the soiled parts and pooh out and putting in a handful of fresh litter.
my chihuahua is very good with her when concerned with litter trays. i just bought a cat bed and some extra toys for her she was sleeping on a blanket, for some reason she likes the landing upstairs? she has a scratch post. my house is open plan where the landing and lounge/living area are concerned. dont think a baby gate would help probally jump over it? she doesnt go in the 2nd bedroom and i close the kitchen door and bathroom she just goes in my room and landing and downstairs. not sure what to do now.I dont really want to banish her from my bedroom i enjoy her sitting with me.
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Well, that is a rude awakening! I think maybe her litter box is too far away. Could you put one in your room, or another room nearby and direct her to it from your bedroom a few times so she is familiar with it? She probably loves sleeping with you, but when nature calls, nature calls. Maybe her ability to "hold it" has not matured. I would go with the litter closer to your room and see what happens. You say she uses the box other times so I don't think it will be too difficult to remedy the situation. Her bladder abilities should mature more as time goes on. I believe you should use an "enzyme" cleaner. I am sure someone else will come along shortly to give their thoughts on this. Don't give up, she sounds like a cutie!
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Many kittens that age are still with their Mum. I'm with farleyv on this one - you need more litterboxes if you are going to give her free range of the house. She's still a really, really young kitten so either give her more litter trays or limit where she's allowed to go ie: just downstairs or just upstairs. A baby gate probably wont work but you need to remove all linen and give it a really good clean and remove the smell from the bed clothes and mattress - or else she may be tempted to go back. Good luck and welcome to TCS.
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OH I absolutely love her to bits!! in fact its quite hard to disipline her alot of the time shes just so adorable.

Yeah ill get her another litter tray and ill put it on the landing area where she seems to like to sleep.

although i worry in winter it gets very cold here apparently ? I dont want her to freeze i just ordered off ebay a kitty bed she has a blanket, i have a little heat pad but she doesnt seem to like it i leave it on a low setting.

I just moved to the brecon in south wales only 2 months ago from somerset in england and lived there for 2 years after coming back from L.A after 5 years lol.

Is it ok to have her as an indoor cat rather than let her outside when shes older? I worry so much about them,its not all that safe with roads everywhere.

I think shes a calico? quite long haired. mostly white with blonde and black patches and a blonde and black tail.

Shes quite the mischeif into everything!!. My chihuahua likes to observe shes american as I bought her back with me!!

I havent thought of a a name yet? anyone got any good ideas shes a classy cat lol so must have a clasy name haha I thought of sassy from homeward bound film but my mom thinks its stupid.
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That sounds like a calico. And lots of people have indoor only cats, it's perfectly fine, and much safer for them.
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Yeah - sounds like she can't quite hold it, especially at that age.

Just to be sure though - don't know if you can get it in the UK - Dr. Elsey's cat attract litter... there is a kitten version to help with litter pan training and accidents. It's expensive, but you don't use it all.. put about an inch on the top.

And yes - get en enzyme cleaner and saturate everything she's peed on.
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